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The Berkley's RC Van is a vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The van is a variant of the Pony used by Berkleys RC and is infamous for being extremely rare as it cannot be found outside the missions it appears in and can only be obtained using a glitch (see below). It sometimes has boxes of model cars in the back - the same ones that can be seen in Zero RC. Even though it's based on the Pony there are a few differences, like the taillight design and the location of the gas cap door. There is an optional side-mission called Beefy Baron in the back room of Zero RC in which you must destroy these vans with an RC Baron within a time limit.


The van has a slightly higher top speed than most; according to the game's files, its top speed is 80 miles per hour (134 kilometers per hour) and it has moderate acceleration. It can sustain quite a bit of damage due to its large size and it has pretty good stability when rounding corners. It actually has average handling in most scenarios.


There is a game glitch that can be used to obtain the Berkley Van. First, the player must enter the Zero RC shop in Garcia and head to the back of the shop where they will find a red marker. Enter it to start the Beefy Baron mission.

Once the mission starts and the player has control of the Baron, they must press the change view button (PC default is V). The camera view will change to a Berkley Van that has spawned high up above San Andreas with Carl Johnson in the driver's seat (you can't control it until the mission ends). The van will fall for about 15 seconds before smashing onto the roof of Zero's RC shop. Now fail the mission, (either by keeping the baron still for a while and pressing the self-destruct button, or by waiting for the timer to run out). The player will appear back in the shop. They must then quickly run outside and use the Jetpack cheat and use it to fly up onto the roof of the shop. The Berkley Van will be there waiting for them. If it is not, then try again. All that has to be accomplished then is simply driving it of the roof without flipping it, and then the van is acquired and can be stored in any safehouse garage.


  • Rarely spawns around major cities seaports and industrial areas

Other means of acquiring the van

Vans have been sighted driving around The Sherman Dam and Las Venturas while driving a Burrito, Pony, or Rumpo and around Octane Springs while driving a Linerunner. The van is also rarely seen driving on the road at The Fallen Tree and the factories near Fort Carson, but like in the aforementioned Las Venturas and Sherman Dam, driving any other van will make spawn chances higher.

Sometimes the van can be obtained by failing the Beefy Baron mini game with a Berkley Van sitting outside of the shop, that will still be there if you quickly exit the shop. As seen in this video.

GTA San Andreas - acquire Berkley's RC Van without cheats01:14

GTA San Andreas - acquire Berkley's RC Van without cheats

Video of getting Berkley's Van



  • The vehicle's ID, model, texture, and text entry names are Topfun. Only the text string has the name Berkleys RC Van.
    • The Van is programmed to spawn as normal according to the cargrp.dat file. However in the vehicles.ide file, its class is defined as 'ignore' which is the same class used by law enforcement and other emergency services vehicles, novelty vehicles (Sandking, Dune, etc), aircrafts and helicopters, boats, trains and trailers. Being classed in such a way, makes it extremely rare to spawn in normal traffic.
  • The default radio station in the Berkley's RC Van is Playback FM.


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