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Bert Reker

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Bert Reker

Bert Reker is a biker residing in Liberty City in 2008 and is wanted by the Liberty City Police Department for drug trafficking. He hides out in a junkyard in BOABO in Broker. Reker can be killed by Niko Bellic, depending on the player's choice.

Bert has two potential appearances and may appear as either; a member of the Angels of Death with the logo of the Angels or Death on the front of his tee-shirt, alternatively he may also appear as a member of the Gunthugs MC with the Gunthugs logo on the front of a brown tee-shirt. If he appears as member of the Gunthugs he will be aided by the The Lost MC and the Gunthugs MC, strangely he will also be aided by them if he is appears as a member of the Angels of Death, who are bitter rivals of The Lost MC and by extension the Gunthugs.


  • It is possible that, in his Angels of Death alternate appearance, he is preparing to defect to The Lost MC. This would explain why he is aided by them even though he appears as a member of their rivals in this persona.

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