The Beseecher logo and header of the page is a website featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It appears to be a crowdfunding based website where donators can contribute to surreal, outlandish products, however the player cannot donate to any of the projects. It appears to be a parody of Kickstarter.


  • Edible chocolate for dogs
  • A role-playing game based around Little Red Riding Hood.
  • A pornographic film of the creator's mother in a lewd situation with their Hispanic gardener
  • An unofficial remake of retro video game "Space Monkey"
  • An art project that involves flinging the artist's feces
  • A tattoo
  • A climb to Mt. Chiliad
  • An artistic project involving planting trees in convertibles and moving them at 75 miles per hour.



  • The term "beseecher"  refers to someone who begs, parodying how some people think that crowdfunding is basically online begging.
  • The logo is an outstretched hand, further implying the reference.