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Beta Places are places and land the was removed from the final version of the game. Some of these places were either removed, renamed, or deleted in the final development game.


Salvatore's mansion

In the Beta version of the game, Salvatore's mansion did not exist.

Unknown Portland Island prison

It is believed that once in the devolopment stages of the game, that there was a prison north-east of 8-Ball's bomb shop on Portland Island on an extended area of land. This is supported by the fact that Claude, the game's protagonist, being transported there in a prison convoy in the opening cutscene.

Callahan Bridge

At first Callahan Bridge original name is West Port Bridge (It can still be seen in a sign near Chinatown).


The area of Chinatown was different.


Francis International Airport was originally in Staunton Island. The time the airport was in Staunton, there was a mission to destroy the airport using a dodo.

Unnamed Ship

In the early maps of Liberty City, there was a docked ship (probably a cargo ship) at Staunton Island.

Missing Roads

There were many roads in Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale that were removed from the final version.

Missing Pier

The pier at the south-west corner of Staunton Island did not exist but it was land. And five unknown boats near the missing pier do not appear in the final version.


The Upstate did not exist in the Beta. But if it would, it would be shorter because the airport was in Staunton Island.

Shoreside Lift Bridge

In the Beta, the Staunton side of the Lift Bridge was straight so the spiral on-ramp was missing.

GTA Vice City

Fort Baxter

Fort Baxter Air Base had a long runway and two control towers. One of them was accidently left in game and can be seen when approaching the location from a distance, as the player is seeing the low-resolution model.

Hyman Memorial Stadium

The stadium didn't maked an appearance in.

Leaf Links

At the south part of Leaf Links, there wasn't any bridge.

Vice Port

The area of Vice Port was different.

Escobar International Airport

The first and third runway were longer.

Beta Beaches

The North of Vice City Beach and the little beach near Hyman Memorial Stadium didn't exist.

State Pen

The State Pen was in the Beta which replace the empty lot next to Sunshine Autos. Mr. Moffat and Cam Jones was going to be transported there.

GTA San Andreas

Unknown Island

An island, which is believed to be based on Alcatraz prison, was cut. It was located in the centre of San Fierro Bay.


Bayside didn't exist in the Beta. In it's place was water.

Easter Bay International Airport

The runway of the airport was shorter in beta.

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