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Beta Weapons are weapons that were removed from a Grand Theft Auto game during its development. It also includes some weapons that didn't make it to the final game and weapons have their models changed, and some still exist in the game files. Many made well during development and it is unknown why they were removed. However, most of them can be obtained through cheat device and trainers.

Grand Theft Auto 2


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA San Andreas

  • The Skateboard was cut from the PC version. It is primarily a melee weapon but also a vehicle. Available as a mod for the PC version but is not usable on the PS2 version.
  • The Micro SMG known from GTA VC was also removed, but can be seen in several early screenshots.
  • The later Mini-Uzi based Micro-SMG was originally more detailed.
  • The MP5-K was cut. It was most likely replaced by the MP5 or TEC-9. It also lacks a texture.
  • The M47 Dragon was cut, it was most likely an Advanced RPG (like a Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher) and due to being an Anti-Tank weapon, most likely larges amounts of damage. However, the weapon is mentioned in an Ammunation advertisement.
  • The Parachute was smaller and blue. It can be seen in the mission A Home in the Hills and the Parachute demonstration in the flight school.
  • At one point a G3A3 (similar to the G3 that can be seen on the wall of Ammunation) was planned to appear.
  • A Sledgehammer was cut.
  • A OA93 Machine Pistol was slated to appear. It most likely intended as a compact assault rifle that could be used in vehicles.
  • A Silenced MP5 (or MP5SD) was planned to appear, most likely as an "upgrade" to the Silenced 9mm.
  • An M72 LAW was planned to appear, but most likely removed due to it's nature as a disposible weapon.
  • The Machete, Meat Cleaver, Hammer and Screwdriver were planned to reappear.
  • The Stubby Shotgun from Vice City was set to return, it was most likely replaced by the Sawn-Off Shotgun, or intended as one with more ammunition.
  • The Nail Bat was cut, it was most likely a more powerful baseball bat. Even though there are no textures in the files, the Nail Bat however uses the texture mapping from the cut Manhunt Nailbat.
  • The PSG-1 was cut, strangely the in-game HUD for the Sniper Rifle resembles the PSG-1. Interesting enough a model in the files lacks a textures, which appears in Manhunt. The PSG is most likely mentioned in an Ammunation advertisement as a "High Velocity Rifle".
  • The Barrett M82 was originally intended to appear, being most likely being the most powerful non-explosive weapon. Oddly, the model is highly detailed compared to most weapons.
  • The M-60 and the M249 were both slated to appear. However the M249 appears not to have been finished. They were most likely both heavy weapons, possibly even being purchasable from Ammunation.
  • The M16 was intended to appear, possiblt as an Army exclusive weapon (As the M16 is the US Army's official Assault Rifle). Despite not having a texture in the files, it is mapped to use the M16 textures from Manhunt.
  • A Pistol resembling the Thompson-Center Contender was intended to appear (It would later appear as the Marksman Pistol in GTA V)
  • An unused Second Dildo and Vibrator exist, it is possible to spawn these using trainers.
  • The Python from Vice City was cut, it was possibly replaced by the Desert Eagle.
  • The MAC-10 was at one point, planned to appear (as mentioned by Sweet in Nines and AK's). The weapon can be seen in Ammu-nation an the Micro-SMG's HUD icon resembles it.
  • The Spray Can used a different texture.

GTA Advance

  • The Barrel was cut from the main game.

GTA Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

  • The tear gas and landmine were going to be included in the game. However, they can be obtained with cheat device.
  • The phone was cut and replaced with a pager. On the PSP version, it's possible to take the phone out with cheat devices, but it's useless. But it can be seen in cutscenes.


  • The silenced 9mm pistol was cut.
  • The MP5 SMG was cut. 
  • The revolver was cut.
  • The flamethrower was cut.
  • The nightstick was cut.
  • The sledgehammer was cut.
  • The pool cue was cut but it can still be obtainable via trainers/modding.
  • The Zastava M70 assault rifle was cut and was replaced by the AK-47. The Zastava can still be seen in the second trailer and early screenshots.
  • The minigun was cut.
  • The baseball bat was assumingly supposed to be wooden. The wooden bat can be seen via the in-game TV.


Grand Theft Auto V


Michael holding an Mk 18 with a scope and suppressor.


If you look closely, Michael can be seen with the M1911A1 on the left while Franklin can be seen wielding an unknown Glock pistol.

  • The Parachute had the same color scheme from The Ballad Of Gay Tony.
  • Inside the data files are the weapon stats for a Fire Extinguisher, a Wrench, a Shovel, and an Assault Sniper.
  • A sniper rifle resembling an SR-25/Mk 12 can be seen wielded by both Michael and Trevor during some artworks, also in the newer update files the cut SR-25/MK-12 Hybrid HUD and texture files could be found. It is named Assault Sniper in-game.

    Note Michael on the right wielding the SR-25/Mk. 12 Hybrid.

  • In a trailer, Trevor can be seen holding an assault rifle with a Laser Sight attachment. This was also seen in another screenshot where it is seen in use by a police helicopter sniper.

    Another view of the Glock pistol being wielded by Franklin.

  • The Fire Axe was cut.
  • The lasso was cut.
  • A SCAR-based weapon named Heavy Rifle was cut.
  • An XM25 Grenade Launcher named Programmable A.R. was cut.
  • An HK21-based weapon named the Assault MG was cut.
  • An Uzi-based weapon named the Rubber Gun was cut.
  • A Dippo Lighter as seen in one of the loading screen artworks was cut.
  • Some weapons had the green tint by default (i.e., Assault Rifle, Advanced Rifle).
  • Some weapons had an older more realistic wood-cast model.
  • An Beretta 92FS/M9 Pistol was meant to appear but was probably replaced by the ongoing Taurus PT92.
  • One of the pistols (not confirmed which one) had the same shooting noise as the pistol from GTA IV, as Lamar is seen shooting one out of a car in Franklin's trailer. This may have been a placeholder.
  • The Rocket Launcher originally had an optional grip attachment, as seen in the official BradyGames Guide. It was taken out in the final game.
  • The Sawed-Off Shotgun had wooden grips.
  • Several of the weapons in the Beta much more resembled their real-life counterparts (i.e the Bullpup Shotgun resembled the KSG more clearly, and the Combat MG looked more like the FN Mk 48). This can be seen in the HUD icons for some of the weapons as well as the beta models of weapons such as the Assault SMG and Combat MG.
    • Some weapons such as the Assault SMG and Combat MG were originally modified from their TBoGT equivilents before being changed, whether to avoid copyright infringement or for creativity reasons.
  • An artwork for the High Life Update suggests that the Bullpup Rifle was originally modeled after the British L85A2 assault rifle. In the final version, it is based on the Chinese QBZ-95.


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