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Beta Vehicles are vehicles that were not included in the game. There are types of beta vehicles, mainly: Deleted, Spawnable, Beta Names and Beta Models. Deleted Vehicles never appear in the final game while other beta vehicles are hidden in the games' files and can be obtained though can't be appear normally in the streets or spawn in the streets. Others have been renamed or remodeled to fit in the final version of the game. Also, some cars look more like the real cars on which they are based on compared to the final versions which may have been removed or changed to avoid copyright issues.

Deleted Vehicles

These are vehicles that were deleted or cut before the games' release and cannot be spawned through third party trainers or cheat device, but with mods, although some of them will remain uncontrollable.



The SWAT Van was cut, but can be seen in the official site in section "Special Cars".


Several unnamed cars never appeared in the final version.[1]


Army Helicopter

The Army Helicopter was cut and it is replaced by Hunter in later games.


The Brigham was a green car that was featured in beta Grand Theft Auto III. It was based on the Chevrolet Caprice.


The Buggy was a bit smaller than BF Injection and had opening doors. It was cut from GTA III.

Diablo Infernus

The Diablo Infernus was a variation of the Infernus which supposedly was to be driven by the Diablos. It may have been removed because it may have been too fancy for Portland. In one of King Courtney's missions, he mistakenly says "Diablo Infernus" when he requests Claude to steal him a Diablo Stallion.


The Luton, a box van, which the model's cargo compartment later became the basis for the Mule's. It was cut from GTA III.[2]


The Panto was another vehicle that was cut in GTA III. The car was planned to be a four-door sedan similar to Fiat 128.[2]

School Bus

The School Bus was meant to be appeared in GTA III but it was likely removed due to absence of children in the game. Contrary to popular belief, Darkel never gave a mission where the player would blow up a school bus with children inside.[3]

GTA Vice City

Coastguard Maverick

A new helicopter named the Coastguard Maverick was meant to appear in GTA Vice City and was probably used by the coastguards but was cut during development. The model and the in-game name remains in the game files, and it was probably replaced by the VCN Maverick, as it's called "COASTMAV" in the game files.


The Dodo was meant to appear in GTA Vice City but cut during development. This is evidenced in the handling file, possibly replaced by the Skimmer or a leftover from GTA III.


The Kuruma from GTA III was going to be included but cut during development. This is evidenced in the handling files and it is probably replaced by the Admiral or the Greenwood, probably a leftover from GTA III.


The Toyz van from GTA III was to be included but it was cut and replaced by Top Fun.

Civilian Patriot

A civilian version of the Patriot was meant to appear, but it was reworked to an army Patriot.

GTA San Andreas

Many previews published before the game's release told of about 425 vehicles included in-game.


The plane previously seen in Vice City and Liberty City was replaced by the AT-400. Model, texture, in-game text and handling still exist.

Bloodring Banger

Another Bloodring Banger was planned to appear in GTA San Andreas. Only the "bloodra" (based on the Glendale) is featured, but the model, texture, handling and in-game text of the "bloodrb" (based on the GTA Vice City Glendale) remains, although the model is highly corrupt. The "bloodrb" in San Andreas, however, does not appear to resemble an Oceanic, but rather a Glendale, like the "bloodra". It can be used with modifications.



"Dashhound" decals.

Found in files as "dach.txd". It had GTA III truck wheels, different lights and a California number plate. It is unknown if this was going to be an actual vehicle (possibly a bus, since "Dashhound" is a misspelling of "Dachshund", parodying the Greyhound bus and it shares the same textures as Bus) or just a map object resembling one. The vehicle was probably a dog catcher truck since "Dachshund" is a race of dog, very similar in pronunciation to "Dash-hound" and the texture represents a dog and an ID number. It returns in GTA V as a coach.



Beta FBI Car in GTA San Andreas.

FBI Car was cut. It was similar to the Las Venturas police car, but had a different grille. The model was to be featured in an unused cutscene. The model and a low quality texture still exists in the game and can be turned into a drivable vehicle via use of modifications.


A totally new vehicle. Despite its name, it does not seem to be a boat. It appears to be either a parade float or a maglev train.

Coastguard Maverick

The Coastguard Maverick's handling exists in the Handling.CFG's.


The car which was on Vice City, but it was cut for unknown reasons.

Roadtrain Trailer

Found on files as 'rdtraint.dff and rdtraint.txd', this is a beta truck trailer. It had GTA3 Truck Wheels, green body color and also included an extra. The trailer is planned to be pulled by a Roadtrain, as the name suggests. This trailer is also similar to the Articulated Trailer (artict3), although this trailer is shorter.


The famous boat from Vice City was meant to come back in San Andreas. Apart from the handling and text, there is no leftover.


Another new vehicle. Nothing is known about it but its handling. It appears to be either a roadroller or a rollerskates. A GXT entry for the Roller exists.


A cut weapon in GTA: San Andreas but also a vehicle. It was cut during the development of the game and was planned to be introduced in the mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes. In the PS2, the HUD icon only remains. However, in the PC version it is a complete weapon, but it can only be found in one of the game's beta interiors. Nonetheless, the weapon will only appear if it is enabled in the game's files. If not enabled, it will be a Knife.


The Stinger was supposed to return but it was replaced by ZR-350.


The Deluxo from Vice City was cut. But icon can be seen on Trip Skip.

Sabre Turbo

The Sabre Turbo was cut for unknown reasons.


Fenton is a Beta version vehicle that scheduled to be in the final version of the game. It was cut for an unknown reason. It could be a cheap 4-door European compact car or a Luxury Executive sedan probably made by Enus.


Another Dune. Textures can be found in gta3.img (dune.txd).

GTA Liberty City Stories


It was probably a customized Stallion or a Shelby GT500. The only remaining data is GXT entry. It is replaced by the Hellenbach GT.

Civilian variant of Taxi/Police Car

A civilian version of the Taxi/Police Car was cut. A beige model appears on the opening cutscene of Crazy '69' as Ray Machowski car. It can be turned into a drivable vehicle via use of Modifications. This car is possibly a Premier, the civilian variant of the Taxi/Police from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Cyclone GT

Cyclone GT was a cut car. Name hints that it was a sports car. It was cut for unknown reasons. The only remaining data of the car is its GXT entry.[4]


Appears in handling file as possibly leftover of GTA Vice City's engine. Can be spawned via Cheat Device, but it crashes the game.


Evidence was a cut car. It was removed for unknown reason. It was probably meant to be in the mission L.C. Confidential.


The known boat from GTA III does not appear in the game because it's not a properly finished vehicle, though the files still exist. It can be spawned via Cheat Device.

Impreza WRX

Impreza WRX was a cut car. It was possibly cut because of copyrighted name. The only remaining data of the car is its GXT entry. The name suggests that the car was based on Subaru Impreza WRX.[5]


The Jester was a cut car from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and it was removed for unknown reasons.

Lancer MF1

Lancer MF1 was a cut car. Name hints that it was a sports car. It was cut for unknown reason. The only remaining data of the car is its GXT entry. The ID (MCLARN) suggests that the car was similar to McLaren.[6]

Police Maverick

Was meant to appear in game likely on the Liberty City Police Department HQ's helipad in Staunton Island, but was cut for unknown reasons, possibly because there weren't entrances to helipad. It can be obtained via Cheat Devices.


A comeback SUV from GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas was speculated to appear in LCS but there's no further evidence. But files is still in the game and handling still too in the game.


Skoiloine was a cut car. It was cut for unknown reason. The only remaining data of the car is its GXT entry. The ID (SKYLINE) suggests that the car was similar to Nissan Skyline.[7]


According to text file, possibly the Sultan was going to appear in the game. But it was cut.


Supra was a cut car. It was possibly cut because of copyrighted name. The only remaining data of the car is its GXT entry. The name suggest that the car was similar to Toyota Supra.[8]


Tommy was a cut car. It was dropped from the final version for unknown reason. It was based on the classic Mini Cooper.

Top Fun

Textures appear in GTA3PSPHR.img and GTA3PS2.img. It cannot be spawned and it is possibly a leftover from VC engine. It is replaced by the TOYZ

GTA Vice City Stories


A new boat which was cut. It was still listed in the official game guide, but its picture was accidentally replaced with the Speeder. Nothing is known about this boat.

Coastguard Maverick

Coastguard Maverick was either cut again or was just a leftover from the cut vehicle in GTA Vice City.


A comeback four-door sedan in GTA III and LCS, but it was cut, maybe it was a leftover from GTA Vice City engine.

VCN Maverick

The VCN Maverick would appear in the game (as shown in a Rockstar's video about helicopters in Vice City Stories), but was cut without explanation, it can still be accessed via Cheat Devices.

Unnamed bike

An unnamed motorcycle (possibly a different Streetfighter or PCJ-600) was cut for unknown reasons, but can't be spawn with Cheat Device.

Top Fun

The van was supposed to be in the game, but the files exists on the game. If you spawn it with Cheat Device, the game will crash.


A suv was supposed to be in the game, files still exists, but there is no model of it.



The Andromada plane from San Andreas was cut in the early development of GTA IV. Only the handling remains, probably a leftover from San Andreas.


According to audio files, the Buffalo was a cut car until The Ballad of Gay Tony.


According to some hidden audio files, the golf cart was already planned to be available in GTA IV. Its appearance was also delayed until The Ballad of Gay Tony.


The Coach was cut during the development of GTA IV. Its image can be seen in the Higgins Helitours commercial. It was very similar to the Coach from GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories.


This second plane was also cut from GTA IV, the handling can still be found in the game files, it could also be a leftover from San Andreas.


Another new plane, possibly a jet fighter similar to the Hydra, which was cut was meant to be introduced in GTA IV. It is later reintroduced in GTA V as the Lazer.


This car from GTA San Andreas could appear in Liberty City. It has possibly become the Faction, as they are both based on G-body Buicks. Only few audio files still exist.

NOOSE Boxville

The NOOSE variant of the Boxville can be seen in the background of an early GTA IV screenshot.


The Previon from GTA San Andreas was meant to return in Grand Theft Auto IV, but only some audio files remained. It could've served as the basis of the Futo. As both cars are similar.


A private jet can be seen in the TV show I'm Rich, most likely being the Shamal from GTA San Andreas with the GTA IV rendition.


The S.W.A.T. APC from GTA San Andreas was cut but a new APC was finally made available in TBoGT.


Fenton was cut again.

Unnamed SUV

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 9.49.50 PM

The Unnamed SUV.

In the CNT show, "I'm Rich", behind Mrs. Vasquez, is an SUV that didn't make it into the final game. It could be replaced by the Landstalker, as both shared a similar design and rim style. The body style resembles a Lincoln Navigator

Angel - Daemon - Diabolus - Hexer - Lycan - Nightblade - Revenant - Wolfsbane

Eight chopper motorbikes, finally made available in The Lost and Damned, already had their model and texture in GTA IV. They can be used ingame like normal bikes with help of some minor modifications.

GTA: The Lost and Damned


A different Admiral (internally named "admiral2") was meant to be featured in GTA: The Lost and Damned. It is believed that this was going to be the old Admiral (based on a Mercedes). Very few files still exist.


The same like above, however there is no clue about differences with basic truck.


The Rhino tank was cut once again, although some files still exist.

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony


A small new car. Its only leftover is the handling. Its name was probably derived from the three-wheeled car Reliant Robin. It can also be a parody of the Mercedes-Benz Smart.



The APC may have been scheduled to return in Grand Theft Auto V, but was cut for unknown reasons, though the return of the Rhino may have been a factor.



A Customized Bagger.

The Freeway was meant to appear in the game, but was taken out for unknown reasons. Once customized properly, aside from the dual headlights, the Western Bagger looks just like the GTA IV Freeway. 


The Hunter was meant to be included in Grand Theft Auto V, but ended up being taken out for unknown reasons. Handling and sound files however have been left in the game's data, suggesting possible future DLC. It can be seen in the in-game trailer for The Simian, as well as on the Warstock Cache & Carry website.


The Hydra can be seen in the game's second trailer, however it doesn't appear in the actual game.

Military Patriot

A military patriot/ATV based on the military HMMWV very similar to the Chinatown Wars Nintendo DS rendition could be seen on the Warstock Cache & Carry poster. It is not seen anywhere in the game including Fort Zancudo and was probably replaced by the Crusader.

Police Maverick


Beta Police Maverick

The GTA IV model of the Police Maverick was included in an early version of GTA V, as it was seen in the game's first trailer. However, much like with the GTA IV Police Cruiser, the Maverick was remodeled and resembles a police version of a new helicopter in the game, the Frogger.



The Skimmer was briefly seen in the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, however it was taken out for unknown reasons.


The Uranus is included in the game's handling files, suggesting it may have been in the game at one point.

Vapid Police Cruiser (IV)


Police car front with driver

The GTA IV Police Cruiser was included in an early version of GTA V, as it appeared in the game's first trailer. The car was replaced by a newlt modeled Police Cruiser. Also the Vapid Fleet Sedan based on IV's Police Cruiser is a regular civilian car in the game and is known as the Stanier.

Beta Names

These are the vehicles that had their names cut before the games' release and then renamed again. There were no changes of the car and deletion of it, only the name have been rechanged. Below are lists of vehicles that their names changed.


Beta Name Current Name
Bike Superbike
Hi Explosive Truck/Explosives Truck Tanker


Beta Name Current Name






Columbia Cartel Cruiser






Hum Vee


Leone Sentinel Mafia Sentinel
Lobo Yardie Lobo




Security Van Securicar






Yakuza Yakuza Stinger

GTA Vice City

Beta Name Current Name
Cougar Virgo
Desperado Mesa Grande

GTA San Andreas

Beta Name Current Name


Legend 566 Elegy
Mesa Grande Mesa
Personel Transport System Jetpack
Top Fun Berkley's RC Van
VCN Maverick News Chopper

GTA Liberty City Stories

Beta Name Current Name
LCN Maverick VCN Maverick
Sicilian Stinger Stinger

GTA Vice City Stories

Beta Name Current Name
Ambassador Speeder
Enforcer VCPD Enforcer
Pitts Biplane
Police VCPD Cruiser
Scarab Violator


Beta Name Current Name
Albany Roman's Taxi
Bobber Freeway
Duke Dukes
E109/EXT Contender
Majestic Faction
Marbella Marbelle
Tuga Tug Boat
Weasel News Maverick/News Chopper Maverick

GTA The Lost and Damned

Beta Name Current Name
Bati 801 Bati 800
Bati 801R Bati Custom
Double T Drag Double T Custom
Hakuchou Drag Hakuchou Custom

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony

Beta Name Current Name
Faggio Ultra Faggio (TBOGT version)


Beta Name Current Name
Lemniscate FQ2
Bullett Dominator
7F Tailgater

Spawnable Vehicles


An FBI Truck in GTA San Andreas, available only through trainers or modifications.

Similar to the deleted vehicles but the difference is that they can be spawned through third-party trainers or cheat devices.

GTA San Andreas


An unused freight car, which was intended to be pulled by the Freight. It can be spawned through the use of trainers, but it will not be attached to the rails and thus be useless. However, it is still possible to utilise the vehicle as a carriage through modifications. Another way to make it appear on the tracks is to switch its ID number with the Flatbed's in the vehicles.ide file.

FBI Truck

An APC that was cut before the game's release. It was planned to appear in the cut mission The Truth is Out There.

Lure Rancher

A variant of the regular Rancher that is essentially identical in appearance, performance and functionality except that it has black-tinted windows. It supposedly was going to be used in the mission Lure, although the regular Rancher is used in the final game.

RC Cam

A "remote controlled" vehicle that is disguised as a pot. It is never used in the game, is rideable and can support two people. However, the name suggests that CJ drives the RC Cam when the player uses first-person view. It is possible that this was used in a mission for Zero, controlling the disguised as a plant.

RC Raider

Appears only during Zero's cutscene in mission Wear Flowers in Your Hair. It does not appear anywhere else, but can be spawned via trainers. Additional modifications are needed to control the helicopter.

Utility Trailer

A trailer that can be attached to Utility Van. It is unknown why it does not appear in regular game.

GTA Liberty City Stories


The vehicle from GTA III still exists, but only through trainers.


The full-winged Dodo from III and VC exists in the game, but is unused. If it is spawned, it will appear for an instant and then the game will freeze/crash because it is only meant to fly over a path in the city. It is possible that it was originally flying in the air and was destroyable like other games.


The famous small plane from GTA III was to be reintroduced in LCS. It can be spawned via trainers, but the lack of acceleration renders the plane as useless unless the player uses a cheat device. It doesn't have an in-game name.


The Ghost from GTA III remains. It is mostly useless as it cannot turn left or right unless the player hits an object that forces the boat to turn. It has loose graphics because some parts can be see-through and when you enter the shade in the boat, the player will become invisible. It is possible that it was going to be used in Shoot the Messenger because it is the only boating mission in LCS. Interestingly, it has in-game name.


GTA LCS was made with use of GTA VC engine. The Hunter is proof and can be spawned via using trainers, has working weaponry, but does not have in-game name and cannot be used for Vigilante missions.


The construction van from III exist, but only can be used via Cheat Devices.

RC Goblin and RC Raider

Both remote controlled helicopters appear in GTA LCS files, possibly as leftovers of GTA VC engine. They are never used in-game and can be spawned via trainers. The game will crash if you will try to enter them without cheat devices.

VCN Maverick

Another unused helicopter, probably another leftover from GTA Vice City. It barely has any upward thrust, although the player can yaw (slowly) and bank it left and right.

GTA Vice City Stories

FBI Rancher

FBI Rancher was cut on final version. However, it can be spawned with cheat device.

VCN Maverick

The VCN chopper was cut or is a leftover from GTA VC engine. However, it can be spawned through cheat devices.

GTA The Lost and Damned


The Tampa was originally supposed to spawn around Liberty City. Now it is seen only in introduction's cutscene. It is available to be driven in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony


A stumpy looking truck that was cut. It can be obtain through modifications and downloading save files.


Wrecked version of Police Cruiser. It does not appear in any mission and can be spawned, driven and damaged like a normal vehicle. It could have been a decoy car for a mission.



Beta Models

These are vehicles that were changed or their colors cut during development. A few of this are aesthetic changes, includes removal of rims, spoilers, etc. Some beta models can be obtained through cheat devices while others not.


  • The vehicles in the beta version looked vastly different, and were more detailed.[1]


GTA Vice City

  • The Blista Compact originally looked almost identical to the Honda CRX and featured the letters GPX on the back. It's early design was carried over to Manhunt[12]
  • The Infernus had thin rectangles for its headlights and taillights and had larger spoilers.[13]
  • The Moonbeam was originally, implied, to have sliding rear doors.
  • The VCPD Cruiser were originally white with red and blue stripes, similar to early Miami police cars.[14]
  • The Sentinel originally had different rear styling.
  • The Virgo originally had a different look.[15]
  • The Washington originally had different frontal styling.[16]
  • The Sabre and Sabre Turbo had different front grilles.[17]
  • The Angel was different and also had different color.

    Screenshot of Regina with different taillights

  • The Hermes had a different grille.[18]
  • The Patriot's original GTA 3 model can be seen in early screenshots.
  • The Cabbie's original GTA 3 model can be seen in early screenshots.
  • The Faggio's headlight was round in early screenshots.[19]
  • The Regina's taillights were originally metal rimmed and had a reverse lamp.[20]
  • The Rancher used to have different wheel rims.[21]
  • The Walton used to have different wheel rims.[22]
  • The Police Maverick was originally blue instead of green.

GTA San Andreas

  • Many cars had different rims.[23]
  • Most cars from GTA Vice City were identical to that rendition (Walton, Greenwood, Sabre, Oceanic, Admiral, etc.).[23]
  • The Bullet had a different look. Instead of one hood scoop and stripe, it had two.[24]
  • The Camper had a light blue/yellow/black paintjob.[25]
  • The Clover had different taillights.[26]
  • The Combine Harvester originally had a green body color, no stepbars into the driver cab, and a less detailed combine head.[27]
  • The Elegant's appearance features a gray front bumper, a body-colored rear bumper, and a simpler lower mask.[9]
  • The Feltzer could have larger turn lights, as seen inside the Driving School.

    The beta Feltzer with different turn lights.

  • The Fortune had different headlights.[28]
  • The Freight had a boxcar variant.[29]
  • The HPV-1000 had different decals.[30]
  • The Hydra originally was very different; the full beta picture can be seen in the Zero RC shop.
  • The Jester had a different front bumper.[31]
  • The Journey had a different yellow and blue stripe vinyl.[32]
  • The Landstalker roof and design was flatter than the final design.[33]
  • The Monster Truck had a different wooden paintjob as seen here.
  • The News Chopper had "VCN" text on it, and was also named as such in the game files. (vcnmav.dff/txd)
  • The NRG-500 had the racing number 1 instead of 46. The NRG-500 box at Zero RC still features the number 1.[5]
  • The Sanchez was similar to the Vice City rendition as seen here.
  • The San Fierro Police Car (and possibly the Premier and the Taxi) had a closer resemblance with a Chevrolet Caprice with a different grille, rounded "beached whale" design, and it also features the skirted rear fenders of 1991-1992 Caprices.[34] The model is featured during the cutcene of the mission End of the Line
  • The Savanna had a different grille, different rear bumper and only 2 doors.[35][36]
  • The Slamvan had a lemon-yellow paintjob as seen here.
  • The Stratum had en emblem on the hood.[37]
  • The Taxi was identical to its Vice City rendition. In the same screenshot, the Police Car is light blue instead of black.[38]
  • A very early screenshot showed a Sparrow in place of a Police Maverick. Some believe that either the Maverick model wasn't finished yet, or at one point the Sparrow was going be used as a second Police aircraft.[39]
  • Each city had its own Police Maverick and police bike.[40][41]
  • In early screenshots, helicopter rotor blades were similar to that of Vice City rotor blades. [6]

    The Beta Maverick And Rotor Blade


The red Idaho.

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Originally, the Police was similar to pre-9/11 police cars but it was changed to dark blue.
  • The PCJ-600 was similar to the Vice City and San Andreas rendition.[42] Also there was once a golden PCJ 600 but color was cut.[43]
  • There was a yellow Stinger, supposedly used by the Sicilian Mafia,[44] instead white color.
  • The Cartel Cruiser originally had the same engine noise as the Leone Sentinel.
  • There was an orange Landstalker, a blue Perennial and a red Idaho. All three colors were removed from final version.

GTA Vice City Stories

  • The Cholo Sabre was once colored blue at the early stage of the development, but was changed. Also, the car was colored white with stripes later.
  • The Bovver'64 originally doesn't have rollbars.

Beta Comet, with a bigger Pfister logo on the hood.

Banshee-GTAIV-I'm Rich

The beta Banshee seen in the CNT show, I'm Rich.


GTA The Lost and Damned

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony



Beta Baller

  • The Baller had six spoke wheels and RR Sport front quarter duct.
  • The Obey badge on the 9F used to be on the hood and not the grille.

Beta P-996 LAZER

  • The P-996 Lazer originally thought to be the Hydra had VTOL capabilities and a body similar to the F-35B Lightning II and the AV-8B Harrier. A memorial outside of Fort Zancudo shows the beta model.
  • The Titan originally had a full grey paintjob as seen on the Warstock Cache & Carry advertisement, similar to U.S.A.F. C-130's.
  • The Taco Van originally had an all white body as seen in the second trailer.
  • Either the Luxor had a different colour scheme or one of the airlines which own a Shamal had a green livery.
  • Police vehicles, such the Sheriff SUV, originally had red sirens in the right side and blue sirens in the left.

    An all white Taco Van

  • The Police Maverick and Police Cruiser were reused from GTA IV, before getting brand new models.


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