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Betsy O'Neil is an actress in the Vinewood film industry in Grand Theft Auto V.


Betsy is most known by her role as the main female lead, Penny Lace, in the Vinewood clasic film, Bullwhip Fury. Betsy was considered the America's sweetheart in 1952, despite rumors that she engaged in sexual relationships with movie directors and producers to get some of her roles. She was even called by some people as the Poppy Mitchell of her time.

She was one of the actress listed to play the main female lead in the movie The Many Wifes of Alfredo Smith, but because she was 40 years old in 1975, Leonora Johnson, a much younger actress, was the one to get the role. This made many people thing that Betsy could be Leonora's murderer, and that she assassinated Leonora as an act of revenge. However, it was later proved that the assassin was someone else.


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