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"Because they all think they're Gods, right? Well fuck them! FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM! FUCK! THEM! Fuck them, they're not magic, no, they're no better than me!"
— Beverly Felton, about celebrities.

Beverly Felton is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a stranger/freak in Grand Theft Auto V.



Beverly is a paparazzo photographer obsessed with celebrities. He has a love-hate relationship with them. He obsesses over very small details about their lives, and feels that everyone should know everything there is to know about all celebrities.

Events of GTA V

Beverly first mistakes Franklin for rapper Clay Jackson and as such accuses him of being gay. After realizing that Franklin isn't a celebrity, Beverly offers Franklin employment as his assistant.

Beverly employs Franklin to help him film a hidden sex tape of Poppy Mitchell having "doggy style" sex with one of her co-stars, photograph a member of the British royal family buying cocaine from a street dealer and take pictures of Poppy once again, this time as she is being arrested for drunk driving; all under the promise of a monetary reward once the pictures and the tapes get published.

However, the next time Franklin meets Beverly, he's received his own reality show, which is meant to chronicle the "rough" life of a "Hollywood journalist". Though Franklin demands that Beverly give him the money he promised, Beverly dismisses him and insists on pushing him away so he can continue taping his show. The player is then given the choice about whether to walk away or kill Beverly and take the money.

Mission Appearances



  • In his Lifeinvader page, there are some comments from his parents that reveal that they are not very proud of their son's profession.


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