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The BF Bifta is a dune buggy featured in the Beach Bum DLC for Grand Theft Auto V.


The Bifta has a appearance similar to the 3D Universe version of the BF Injection, which now looks like a Volkwagen Beetle. The buggy generally resembles a slightly enlarged Meyers Manx, a kit car made from a Volkswagen Beetle, it possessed a generally exaggerated design, an open air occupant compartment, no doors, curvy shells and a large rear-mounted engine, making the vehicle particularly distinctive. It is seen with a wide array of body color combinations encompassing the body and its trims.


The Bifta is a solid vehicle; having a fast and stable top speed and acceleration as well as above par handling. And due to the fact that it's an off-road vehicle with its dune buggy-like design, it performs acceptably well off the streets and on off-road terrains. However, the Bifta can be problematic when navigating through bumpy terrain at high speeds, which can result either in a spinout, or a rollover. It also suffers from having a slow braking speed. Due to this, it takes awhile to come to a full stop, although this can be remedied by upgrades available at Los Santos Customs.




  • "Bifta" is slang for a joint (i.e. a weed tube, similar to a cigar).
  • The design of the BF Bifta seems to resemble Derek Jenkin's 1970 Meyers Manx.
  • The Bifta is available for free order as it is provided as part of the GTA Online Beach Bum update (among other extra items).
  • Its design is very similar to the previous renditions of the BF Injection.
  • Unlike its predecessor, the Bifta uses a larger (possibly a 1,4-litre) inline-four engine, rather than a small turbo V8 on the earlier games.

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