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Big Bug

The Big Bug, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The Big Bug is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2 and possibly Grand Theft Auto V.

2D Era Description

In Grand Theft Auto 2, It can be found in all three districts of Anywhere City. It gives a machine gun in the Downtown District and an armor icon in both Residential and Industrial Districts when crushed. Its an enlarged version of the Bug, akin to a Baja Bug.

HD Era


The buggy features a short wheelbase body, based on a 1949 VW Type 1, which has been modified to cope with off-road use (into a Baja Bug).

The front of the car features modified, lightweight arches. The most distinct feature of the front end is the central section, with dune buggy-style under-body protection. Along with the protective sheeting, push bars , as wide as the arches are mounted and at the top of the sheeting are the headlights.

The sides of the car's body lack any extra formations aside from the large, flared arches that have been fitted to the car. The buggy does however feature chrome wing mirrors.

The rear of the car's body features a large removed area to house a rear-mounted engine. The rear windscreen is ovular and vertically split into two equal halves. Although many elements have been removed from the rear, the engine is sat on a tube frame with a chrome finish. This tube frame has a long antenna mounted towards the right, at the top. To make the vehicle road legal, it features two circular tail lamps and a central area to mount a license plate.


The Bug features a rear-mounted, air-cooled engine powering the rear wheels in an RR drivetrain layout. It features two exhaust tips, which are pointed downwards beneath car's floor level. It uses very large, high profile sand dune tyres.


(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)
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Top Speed (Handling.dat)
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Gears (Tested)




  • The inclusion of the Big Bug in the HD Era pays reference to the fact that the original Baja Bug was created in California (upon which the HD Era Los Santos is based).
  • This car is the first to appear in the HD era with a rear-engine, rear wheel drive drivetrain layout. (The third in the entire Grand Theft Auto series)
  • This car is also the first in the HD era to feature an air-cooled engine.

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