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Big Smoke's Cash is a submission in GTA San Andreas triggered by a phone call by Cesar every Wednesday and Saturday after King in Exile and before Smoke's Crack Factory is destroyed. It is not required for 100% Completion.


Cesar calls CJ and informs him that Smoke is sending money to the Loco Syndicate. The player can accept or decline to go. If accepted, the player must follow the car and hit its rear, to make the boxes of money fall from the car, and then get them. The mission ends if Carl takes all the six boxes of money or the car reaches Pier 69 in San Fierro.


  • There are members of the Grove Street Families inside the target vehicle. This possibly means Big Smoke hired a few of them to work for him and the Loco Syndicate, however, they are hostile toward CJ.
  • Carl will only get the assignment invitation when he's on foot, otherwise he'll miss the call and an onscreen message indicating you received $0 from the courier may be displayed at some point.
  • There is a glitch that may occur during the mission: When the target vehicle reaches the Flint Intersection, it'll start crashing into the barrier. If doing so, it may drive over and end up landing on its roof, where it will blow up and end the mission automatically. The resulting wreckage can be pushed back to a garage for a free bulletproof car.

Video walkthrough

{| class="wikitable"!PS2 Version


GTA San Andreas Mission 41 Big Smoke's Cash04:35

GTA San Andreas Mission 41 Big Smoke's Cash


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