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Big Smokes house 1

Big Smoke's house in Idlewood, Los Santos.

Big Smoke's House is the home of Melvin Harris, otherwise known as Big Smoke, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The home is located in Idlewood, Los Santos, a Ballas controlled district, and is located close to Ganton, a Grove Street Families controlled district. Harris' early missions take place from his home.

The house's location in Ballas territory is one of the many clues in the opening chapters of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that points to Big Smoke's betrayal later in the game. The first was his new car. Another one was how Carl Johnson always questioned Smoke, asking why he moved into Ballas turf, with Smoke claiming he wanted to move away from the hood or that he was left some money by his aunt. Both the house and the car hint that Smoke has more cash than he is seemingly earning. Other clues about his future betrayal include C.R.A.S.H. officers frequently visiting his house, the fact that Smoke refused to open fire on attacking Ballas in the mission Drive-Thru, and Smoke's newly sparked rivalries with foreign gangs. All of these clues pointed towards Smoke's betrayal of Carl, Sweet and the GSF.

Since the house is never seen or mentioned again after his betrayal or his death, it is unknown what exactly happened to it.

Mission Appearances

This is in what missions Big Smoke's House appears.                                                                       


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