CJ enters the house.
CJ picks up a picture of Beverly Johnson off of the floor and looks at it.
Kendl Stop it, what are you doing? Carl, Brian, stop it!
CJ Quit it, Moms will hear.
Kendl Mom, they're up to something.
CJ sits at the table.
Big Smoke enters wielding a Baseball Bat.
Big Smoke You picked the wrong house, fool!
CJ picks up the chair to defend himself.
CJ Hey, hey, hey, hey, Big Smoke, it's me, Carl, chill, chill!
Big Smoke CJ? Awww, my dawg, wassup? Hey baby, you okay nigga?
CJ Nah man, it's my Moms, homie.
Big Smoke Hey, I don't know why this had to happen, but I promise you, I'm gonna find out who killed your Moms. The streets is cold dawg. Like it says in the book, we are blessed and cursed.
CJ What fucking book?
Big Smoke Same things make us laugh...that make us cry. But right now we gotta take care of our business and go see your brother at the cemetery, come on, let's bounce.
CJ and Big Smoke exit the house.
Big Smoke You wanna drive?
CJ Yeah, that's cool. Nice car, Smoke.
Big Smoke You know me, it's not cut, keep the value, keep it great