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[[pt:Big Smoke (missão)]]
[[pt:Big Smoke (missão)]]
[[Category:Missions in GTA San Andreas]]
[[Category:Missions in GTA San Andreas]]

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"You picked the wrong house, fool!"
―Big Smoke.
"Hey, hey! Big Smoke, it's me, Carl! Chill! Chill!"

Big Smoke is the second storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and it is the first one that protagonist Carl Johnson does by himself in the Johnson's House.

The mission is the only mission in the game, and potentially amongst the very few in the series, in which there is absolutely no gameplay whatsoever; right after completing the first mission, this mission automatically starts; after the cutscene of the mission, this mission instantly ends and triggers the Sweet & Kendl.


Carl Johnson, after arriving in Grove Street on a bicycle, enters his childhood home and finds a picture of his recently deceased mother Beverly. He takes a chair and sits down, remembering the time when his sister Kendl threatened to tell Beverly of Carl's antics. Big Smoke, a long time friend of Carl, enters the living room from the kitchen with a baseball bat and threatens to attack Carl, not initially recognizing him. Carl reasons with Big Smoke and the two embrace. Carl and Big Smoke talk about Beverly's death and that Carl wants revenge before leaving the house and driving to the cemetery at Market in Smoke's Perennial.


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission and the mission Sweet & Kendl is unlocked automatically after the end of Big Smoke.

Video walkthroughs

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GTA San Andreas - Mission 2 - Big Smoke (HD) (1080p)


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