There is so much debate about wether or not bigfoot, leatherface, a ratman and ufos appearf in the game, cant someone just look through the game files and look at all the npc models and just see if any of them are there? im not gifted in this field personally, but i knwo you can do it on other games, is there some reason we cant do it in gta?

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Dei82ty: Lot's of people looked trough the game files, including me and didn't find anything.


Bigfoot, letherface and other characters DO NOT  appear in game files. They exist only in mods.

Steve Greg (talk) 21:22, March 16, 2013 (UTC)

I completely agree I am a huge GTA fanatic and I have personally searched for many hours for bigfoot and have found no evidence that he even lives here, although it was said by a member of rockstar that there is something in the forests of San Andreas but there is a 1/10 chance in finding it.

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