Bigger than World Peace is an article in the 2013 edition of West Coast Classics Magazine. It talks about the reputation of the famous rapper, MC Clip.


During a 3 hour concert the other night, 30 minutes of which were spent performing and the other 2 and a half hours spent preaching about how he’s the most important American icon of our time – rapper MC Clip told the audience that he is now going to stop the war, whatever that means.

“In the long run, I’ll have a greater effect on humanity. I’m a singer, producer, intellectual, fashion designer, philosopher, poet, billionaire… I’m taking so many things to a different level simultaneously. Forget triple threat or quadruple threat. They ain’t invented a big enough ‘ruple’ for me yet. I don’t compete against other people. It’s pointless. I compete against myself, and when I compete against myself, everyone wins. The only regret I have is that I wasn't the first man on Earth because imagine how much further along the human race would be. We’d be running the universe by now instead of still trying to get a hotel built on the moon. I’m living proof that you don’t need to read no books to be a genius. I blog in all CAPS, baby!”

Is MC Clip the most odious, deluded megalomaniac who ever lived? Should we really be glorifying his messages of narcissism, misogyny and materialism to impressionable young teenagers just to sell magazines? Can I still in my heart of hearts call myself a journalist? So many questions, and only West Coast Classics has the answers. Stay tuned!