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For other uses of the name "Bill", see Bill Burr, Bill Durzbum, Bill Fichtner or Bill Fiore.

Bill is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and is, in 1998, co-host of the LCFR show The Electron Zone alongside Steve. Bill supports the Fruit LC computers and is a parody of Apple's Steve Jobs. His name of IRC is the binary bandit. He states that computers like women should be easy. He is also a member of the Ultimate Disk in the Dark online championship. Also alongside of Steve likes the movie The Mainframe. During the show he says that "there was a guy last night in the chatroom bashing the mainframe, and I had to flame him. In 1998 being close to 2000. He says that death should come to all non-believers. He could be referring to Y2K. He is voiced by Michael Yurchak.


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