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Pool is a sport in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. Two players can play pool and either player wins. The main goal is to get all the colored cues within the designated colors into the hole, then get the 8-Ball to win. It was going to be in Grand Theft Auto V, but was cut before release.

Pool in GTA San Andreas

Pool-GTASA-strikingthecueballA game of pool in a bar GTA San Andreas.

Starting the game

In GTA San Andreas, CJ can challenge any person at a bar who is holding a pool cue to a game of pool. A wager can be placed, with maximum wager being $1000. CJ then begins to play pool with him.

If CJ wins the game, he wins whatever he'd wagered at the beginning of the game. If he loses or quits, he loses the money he wagered. In any instance, CJ gets a pool cue, which replaces whatever melee weapon he'd had.

It is possible to retrieve the wagered money by killing the challenger.

The player can compete against another player using a second controller, but no money can be wagered.

How to play

CJ breaks. Whoever sinks a ball first gets that pattern, stripes or solids, and the other player gets the opposite.

The turn is lost on the following occasions:

  • A player pockets the wrong type of ball.
  • A player scratches (pockets the white cue ball).
  • A player misses all of the balls.
  • A player hits a ball, but it doesn't hit the rail.
  • A player hits the wrong type of ball first.

If a player scratches, the other player can put the cue ball anywhere on the table before shooting.


In the beta version of GTA San Andreas the pool tables was originally going to be painted green, not blue, and there was going to be a pool table in Madd Dogg's mansion.

Winning / losing

The game is won under the following conditions:

  • The player pockets all of their striped/colored balls, then pockets the 8-Ball, before their opponent.
  • The opponent accidentally pockets the 8-Ball before they have pocketed all of their striped/coloured balls.

The game is lost under the following conditions:

  • The opponent pockets all of their striped/colored balls, then pockets the 8-Ball, before the player.
  • The player accidentally pockets the 8-Ball before they have pocketed all of their striped/coloured balls.
  • The player successfully pockets the 8-Ball after pocketing all of their striped/colored balls, but also pockets the white cue ball in the same shot.


  • Go to any location where you can play pool. If you shoot the pool player in the head and kill him, he will lift his hands up as if he is surrendering, but he will remain standing, as if he was still alive. However, after about 4-5 seconds, he will fall over and die.
  • Go to any Bar that has a pool player. Don't kill him. Take Satchels (at least 15 are required) and throw satchels one-by-one to the pool guy. You will see his health decreasing, throw all the satchels, and his health will be black (dead), but he will still be active, like nothing happened. If you try to blow them, or kill him in any way, none of them will kill him.
  • Strangely, the player is not able to kill the pedestrian that plays pool with a stealth kill.


Pool in GTA IV

Pool-GTA4-strikingthecueballA game of pool with Little Jacob at the Homebrew Café in GTA IV.


Pool can be played against friends, or against a competitor when not being accompanied by a friend. The player may not wager money.

As in GTA San Andreas, the pool cue is obtainable as a weapon in The Lost and Damned after completing a round of pool.


The rules are the same as in GTA San Andreas. However, there are a few new items:

  • If the ball jumps off the table, the offending player loses a turn.
  • If the 8-ball jumps off the table, the game is lost.
  • If you pocket a ball or balls on the break, you can continue with your choice of stripes or solids, regardless of the ball type you pocketed. The same is true if the first shot when you pot any balls include both types of ball.
  • If you pocket the 8-ball on the break (the first shot of the game), you win.
Pool-GTAIV-HomebrewCafePoolTableThe pool in Homebrew Café.
Pool-GTAIV-PlayerXPoolTableThe pool in Playboy X's Penthouse.
Pool-GTAIV-TheLostMotorcycleClubPoolTableThe pool in Lost MC Clubhouse.


Table Type

There is two different type of pool table in GTA IV:

  • The green pool table of Homebrew Café (and Lost MC Clubhouse in TLAD)
    This pool table with a ragged surface, which make the balls rolls with strange path sometimes.
  • The pink pool table of Playboy X's Penthouse
    This pool table has a better surface quality than the green table, however with a chance let the balls bounce off the table if the player shoots too hard.


There is a glitch when playing the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3. If you miss a shot, press LB/L1 before the opponent's turn. Then press A/X to get back into the game (pressing LB or L1 again will forfeit the game). The opponent will hit either your or their ball and will foul for hitting the wrong color ball, even if it's theirs. It'll then be your turn, and you're allowed to position the cue ball.


GTA 4 - Pool Shark Achievement Trophy (1080p)02:38

GTA 4 - Pool Shark Achievement Trophy (1080p)

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