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'''Bismarck Avenue''' is one of seven major north-south avenues in [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. It's probably based on [[wp:Park Avenue|Park[[File:Getalife-building.jpg|thumb|400px|Bismark Avenue south of the "Getalife" building]] Avenue]], being a two-laned street in its central run and stopping in front of the [[GetaLife Building]], and continues after the [[Grand Easton Terminal]]. It stretchs for 19 blocks, from [[East Holland]] in [[Uptown Algonquin]] down to [[The Exchange]]/[[Castle Gardens]] borders in [[Downtown Algonquin]]. It passes through the neighborhoods of [[East Holland]], [[Lancaster]], [[Middle Park East]], [[Hatton Gardens]], [[Lancet]], [[Easton]], [[Lower Easton]], [[Chinatown, Algonquin|Chinatown]] and [[The Exchange]]. The street is not used in any mission except [[Blood Brothers]]. However, an [[NRG 900]] can be stolen for [[Stevie|Stevie's]] [[Stevie's Car Thefts|Car Thefts]].
#REDIRECT [[Bismarck Avenue]]
*Bismarck Ave is misspelled as "Bismark" in the mission [[Blood Brothers]] when mentioned by [[Francis McReary]] and the subtitles are on.
*The name of the street could be named after numerous things:
**[[wp:Otto von Bismarck|Otto von Bismarck]], the first chancellor of [[wp:German Empire|Imperial Germany]].
**The WWII German war ship, the [[wp:German battleship|Bismarck]].
**[[wp:RMS Majestic (1914)|RMS Majestic]], commonly known as ''SS Bismarck.''
**Numerous towns and cities across the USA, including the [[wp:Bismarck, North Dakota|state capital]] of [[wp:North Dakota|North Dakota]].
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