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The BitterSweet is a phone company advertised heavily in Grand Theft Auto IV. The BitterSweet is a parody of the RIM Blackberry electronic device, and is advertised as highly addictive, and highly annoying. The motto for BitterSweet is Be Everywhere. And Nowhere.

Bittersweet Advertisements


The advertising for the BitterSweet focuses mainly on user testimonials, and prides itself on being "always connected, perpetually disconnected". Commercials focus mainly on the annoyances of the RIM Blackberry, such as loud alerts and a constant blinking red light for unimportant emails, the device taking most of the owners' attention (The "Blackberry Disease") and missing out on family functions. Though the BitterSweet is constantly mentioned in-game, it is not obtainable.

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  • Sometimes when you bumb into civilians they'll yell "My bitterSweet!" in a panicky tone, implying their bitterSweet got damaged. This might be a reference to modern phones breaking really easily.

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