The following is a walkthrough of the Black Project mission in Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Enter Area 69.
  2. Steal the Jetpack.

Detailed Walkthrough

CJ will meet The Truth at Verdant Meadows.

Getting in

The Truth will drop you off at Area 69 with all your weapons including a Knife, a Silenced Pistol, a Sniper Rifle and Thermal Vision Goggles. You must get to the control tower and open the blast doors without being spotted by The Army. On the way there you can only shoot one spotlight out otherwise you will be spotted. If you are caught in the spotlight for more than 5 seconds or you are spotted twice, then the base will go into lock down. If you make it to the control tower and activate the doors, then all the spotlights will look at you meaning that the base will go into "code red" lockdown so that you have to find another way in. The only available route now is through an air vent in the middle of the base. Shoot out the plastic roof of the air vent and run through it, then destroy the next one and you're in.

Getting to the Black Project

Once you are in you will hear the alarm going off and a man and woman saying various "strange" things over the intercom like "Please be reminded that the downloading of pornography is prohibited". Run through the maze-like hallways until you reach a room with a scientist in (note: on the way you may notice something that looks like a radar. Somewhere near here is a control to turn off the SAM Sites which will help make your escape easier). Once at the scientist, he will say "So much bloodshed, please, take my keycard and let me live!". Use this keycard to access the door to the Black Project. When you enter the room you will notice a giant circular stairway going down all the way to the ground. Fight your way down these stairs and get the Black Project.


Once you get the Black Project, which is a Jetpack, the roof will open, allowing you to escape. If you have disabled the SAM Sites then you can fly safely back to Verdant Meadows whereas if you haven't, the SAM Sites will fire deadly missiles at you until you are out of range. Once back at Verdant Meadows the mission will be complete but you won't get any money, instead the mission Green Goo will be unlocked, after which Jetpack will respawn outside the Verdant Meadows airstrip save point.