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Blackfield Stadium in the Blackfield district of Las Venturas, San Andreas.

"Famous dirt-biking capital of the West Coast."
— GTA San Andreas.

Blackfield Stadium is the primary stadium in Las Venturas, San Andreas. It is located along Julius Thruway West, in the Blackfield district, hence the name. Nearby the stadium are the Las Venturas Airport, the Bike School and Greenglass College. It is based on the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

Blackfield Stadium is the location of two side missions, which involve riding a Sanchez, whether it be a checkpoint collection or a race. A Dune and a BF Injection would be rewarded once the side-missions have been completed.

Despite having their own outdoor facility, it is possible that the Las Venturas Bandits also play here on occasions in order to accommodate a larger crowd. This is supported by the fact a baseball bat is found beneath the stadium.


  • Baseball Bat - Underneath the stadium, directly below the mission marker for the stadium events
  • Silenced 9mm - Underneath the pathway leading to the entrance of the stadium


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