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"The home of the patriot. Enough said."
―GTA V website

Blaine County Radio is a public talk radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It was established in 1998, as stated on Duane Earl's Lifeinvader page.

This station can only be listened to in Blaine County. If the player crosses the county line into Los Santos County, the radio signal is lost and the radio will automatically re-tune to Blue Ark.


  • Beyond Insemination: Hosted by Duane Earl, Beyond Insemination is an ostensibly a farming show, but the host condemns artificial insemination (labeling it as "unnatural" and "blasphemy"), and is extremely misognystic; at one point, he encourages a caller to drown his partner.

The station appears to be a Conservative-leaning station, as opposed to West Coast Talk Radio's Liberal-leaning programming.


  • Trevor Philips' voice can briefly be heard during the Community Hour, when Ron plays a message from Trevor threatening to injure him if he is ever featured on the show.


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