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Blaine County Talk Radio is a public talk radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It was established in 1998, as stated on Duane Earl's Lifeinvader page.


  • Beyond Insemination: Hosted by Duane Earl, Beyond Insemination is an ostensibly a farming show, but the host condemns artificial insemination (labeling it as "unnatural" and "blasphemy"), and is extremely misognystic; at one point, he encourages a caller to drown his partner.



  • When listening to "Blaine County Community Hour" as Trevor, he will randomly change the station to another, perhaps to avoid listening to Ron's paranoid theories. Trevor even has a small bit on the show where Ron plays a humorous, angry phone message from Trevor threatening him if he ever attempts to put Trevor on the station.
  • When driving from Blaine County to Los Santos, the radio signal for BCTR will be lost and it will change to Blue Ark FM. Vice Versa, driving from Los Santos to Blaine County will lose the signal for WCTR and the radio will change to Soulwax FM.


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