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Blastin' Fools Records Tower in Market, Los Santos, GTA San Andreas.

"Number one gangster rap label in the world. Popular from idiomatic street poetry (rap) set to music (or beats in their parlance) in which the protagonist displays a macho and testosterone-fueled response to the perceived realities of life in the Los Santos ghetto. Or so, it says in this book. Luckily, I don't read much."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Blastin' Fools Records, also known simply as Blastin' Fools, is record label and store featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Based in a modernist cylindrical tower located in Market, Los Santos, Blastin' Fools Records was founded by Jimmy Silverman, who serves as the producer and manager of the company as of events in GTA San Andreas circa 1992. Blastin' Fools Records is a play on Capitol Records; the building itself is a partial recreation of the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Motor Officer GTASA Las Venturas

The building at sunset


Blastin' Fools Records is most prominently associated with two major charact ers in GTA San Andreas. Since the beginning of the game's storyline, Madd Dogg has long signed to the label, but was close to spiraling into oblivion as a result of several setbacks instigated by OG Loc and his subsequent depression; OG Loc took advantage of the void left over by Madd Dogg and signed in on the label himself.

After being saved from suicide by Carl Johnson and rehabilitated, Madd Dogg eventually pursues OG Loc upon learning OG Loc was responsible for Madd Dogg's downfall. After a lengthy chase that leads to Blastin' Fools Records, Silverman learns of OG Loc's lack of talent and threatens to sue OG Loc; OG Loc may have been dropped from the label as a result.

Other artists signed on to Blastin' Fools Records circa 1992 include:


As indicated from Forgotten Legends of West Coast Rap, the label has released a series of albums over the course of the early 1990s, well into 1993 (the label for Rochell'le's Dangerous Curves (1994) is unspecified), one years after events in GTA San Andreas. It is unknown if Blastin' Fools Records has release albums before or after the early 1990s.


The interior of Blastin' Fools is briefly featured during the closing cutscene of "Cut Throat Business", consisting of nothing more than a hallway-like room, with a corner sofa, decors and hung golden records. As is with interiors accessible only during cutscenes, the interior can only be visited in the Hidden Interiors Universe.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Capitol Records Building is seen in the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto V. It is unknown if it will still have its name as Blastin' Fools Records.


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