Blazing Tattoo is a Tattoo Parlor located on Vinewood Boulevard in Downtown VinewoodLos Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


Boonie works at this tattoo parlor. The parlor was announced on August 23, 2013 on the Local Artisans section of the Grand Theft Auto V Website. Not much is know about the parlor yet other than that it is believed to rival Ink Inc. It is possibly based on American Electric the main rival of tattoo parlour High Voltage Tattoo in the TV show LA Ink, despite sharing it's hazardous name with the latter.

Events of GTA V

Michael De Santa arrives at the tattoo shop to save his daughter from the exploits of Lazlow Jones. He beats Lazlow up, attaches staples to his nose, tattoos a dick picture on his chest, and cuts his ponytail off.

Prominent Appearances in Missions