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"Dardan ain't a problem for you no more, cousin."
Niko Bellic

Bleed Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Roman Bellic. The mission introduces melee fighting techniques, including punching, kicking, dodging and disarming.


Roman calls Niko right before Michelle and Niko have their date (the call will usually occur when Niko is within a few blocks of Michelle's place). Roman says he is being injured by some Albanians in the basketball courts in Firefly Projects. Niko arrives promptly and fights off the first wave of Albanians, Bledar Morina and Kalem. Roman spots another Albanian getting away, Dardan Petrela. Dardan gets into his car and escapes the basketball courts. Niko and Roman get into Roman's Taxi and chase Dardan. Both cars stop near a staircase in BOABO. Niko chases Dardan solo, and kills Dardan in a fight. Niko Bellic then drives Roman back to his cab depot, and tells him about Ray Bulgarin.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go and rescue Roman.
  • Beat up Bledar.
  • Beat up Kalem.
  • Go and help Roman.
  • Chase Dardan.
  • Dardan has abandoned his car. He's escaping on foot up the staircase.
  • Take out Dardan.
  • Get in Roman's car.
  • Drive Roman to the garage.


The Phone Call

As the player nears Michelle's place for his first date, Niko's cousin calls to ask him for help; the Albanian Mafia loan sharks have him trapped on the basketball courts in the Firefly Projects. The player can choose to either ignore this call completely (in which case the above is not heard), decide to ignore Roman's call for help and continue with dating Michelle, or skip the date and attend Roman (if this happens Niko will later apologize to Michelle and will have another chance to date her).

If either of the first two options are chosen, following the date with Michelle Niko receives an angry phone call from Roman telling him to pick him up at the hospital and drive him to the taxi depot. This adds an extra task, but is not considered part of a mission (i.e. there is no reward for doing this). Soon after returning Roman to the depot, Niko will receive another phone call from Roman indicating that Roman is under attack (again) at which point the mission proceeds as it would have had Niko skipped the date earlier.

Fighting Bledar and Kalem

The player must follow the radar blip to the basketball courts. Upon reaching the basketball courts, Bledar approaches Niko, while Kalem continues to beat up Roman. An onscreen tutorial walks the player through melee combat techniques. The player must defeat Bledar and then Kalem in hand-to-hand combat. As Niko approaches Roman, a cutscene shows Dardan who runs away.

You may also pick up the baseball bat in front of your safehouse (you could find it in the weapons map). You can beat up Bledar and Kalem with this weapon in the mission or you may also ram through the fence with the vehicle you have and run them over.

Fighting Dardan

After fighting off Bledar and Kalem, Dardan waves and get's in his car (beige Willard). Niko and Roman enter Roman's taxi and chase Dardan. The chase leads eventually leads to BOABO, where Dardan stops, gets out, and flees up a flight of stairs into a large room, bordered by floor to ceiling windows. When the player enters the room, Dardan will draw a knife and attack the player. At this point, the game provides instructions on how to disarm an enemy, prompting the player to take Dardan's knife and use it against him. The player can also simply beat Dardan until he crawls over towards a window; hitting him again will trigger a small cutscene in which Dardan falls through the window, onto an overhang, and into the Humboldt River, though the fight is considered over even if this doesn't happen; Niko is considered to have won if the on-screen instruction to return to Roman's car appears.

One out of four comments will be made by Niko after dealing with Dardan, each depending on how the player chose to stop him:

  • If the player beats him up or shoots him, Niko will say "There's what we owe you, Dardan. Nothing else."
  • If the player kills him by throwing him out the window, Niko will say "Argh! I promised myself I wouldn't kill people here."
  • If the player disarms Dardan and uses the knife against him, Niko will say "You shouldn't play with sharp objects, Dardan."
  • If the player manages to perform a drive-by on Dardan after he exits his car, Niko will not say anything, but Roman will quip "Wow, thank you cousin."

Whichever method is used, once Dardan is dead/disabled, Niko must return to Roman, and drive him back to the cab depot.

Picking Roman

Alternatively, if the player chooses to continue the date with Michelle, Roman will be beaten up and sent to hospital. After the player completes the mission First Date, Roman will call Niko and ask for a lift back to the cab depot, the player can either accept or reject Roman's request. On the way to the debot, Roman will complain about Niko choosing to date Michelle instead of saving him, to with Niko apologise and say that he will not let that happen again, Roman accept Niko's apologise, saying that if he had to choose between rescuing Niko or having his way with a girl, he would probably choose the latter too.


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Bleed Out" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Bleed Out
Pre-Mission Phonecall
Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic. (First Possible Dialogue)
[The dialogue for this call will only play if First Date had not been completed]
Roman Bellic Niko, Bledar has me cornered in the courts under the El Train on Firefly.
Niko Bellic What does he want?
Roman Bellic I can't think what he could possibly want or why he'd be pissed off, can you? Come on guys, let's be reasonable.
Call ends.
Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic. (Second Possible Dialogue)
[The dialogue for this call will only play if First Date had been completed]
Roman Bellic Shit, Niko. Bledar has me trapped again. This is all your fault.
Niko Bellic Okay, Roman. I'm not going to let something else get in the way this time. Where are you?
Roman Bellic Over on the courts under the El Train on Firefly. Bledar, buddy, you proved your point the first time...
Call ends.
Cutscene 1
Niko Bellic goes to the courts.
Roman Bellic Listen, Dardan is a good friend of mine. It was a misunderstanding... oh!
Niko Bellic Hey!
Bledar Morina Shit, there he is. Keep on fatboy here, and I'll talk to him. Our problem's with your cousin.
Niko Bellic I told you to stop. Now it's too late.
Dialogues 1
Niko Bellic tries to kill Bledar Morina
[These dialogues will play in random]
Bledar Morina Back off. I won't take no shits. Motherfucker. Piece of crap. Screw you.
Niko Bellic kill Bledar Morina, and tries to kill Kalem.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Kalem This beating is for Dardan. You're not going to beat me down, fool. Screw you, asshole. Dardan is my brother. I do not go down so easy. Fuck you, bitch fuck. You are a bitch just like your cousin. I will beat you like I beat your cousin.
Roman Bellic Not so tough no more, are you? You shouldn't have messed with the Bellics. If I wasn't a pacifist I'd stick it to you too. There's what I owe plus interest. This is what we think of you debts.
Cutscene 2
Niko Bellic kill Kalem, and returns to Roman Bellic. Roman Bellic then spots Dardan Petrela escaping and they get in the car.
Niko Bellic You alright, cousin?
Roman Bellic Yeah, fine. Fucking loan sharks, man. If one more of these gangsters tries to... Speaking of shitheads, here's Dardan. Come on, my car is over there, let's get him. You drive. I don't feel so good.
Dialogues 2
Niko Bellic chases Dardan Petrela. (First Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic These guys think that they're better than me. They think they can fuck me around and beat me up because there are more of them. Not any longer. Me and you, Niko, me and you are going to show them. Fucking Dardan smashing my fucking stuff. Who does he think he is? Just some fucking petty Albanian hood. If I wanted to buy a stolen TV I'd go to Dardan. Who does he think he fucking with? Bellic Enterprises, that's who. We're going to the top, Niko, the top.
Niko Bellic For now, let's just try to survive, cousin.
Niko Bellic chases Dardan Petrela. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Ever since I get to Hove Beach, Niko, ever since I arrive here I have been pushed around. Vlad, Dardan, Bledar, even Mallorie push me around. Me and you, Niko, me and you are going to be in control from now on. Ain't going to let no one push us around. Going to stand up to all this pimps and loan sharks from now on. Liberty City won't know what hit it, man. We going to own this town, Niko. Mark the words that are coming out of my mouth.
Dardan Petrela abandons his car and tries to get away, and Niko Bellic follows Dardan Petrela.
Roman Bellic Dardan is stopping, he trying to get away on foot.
Niko Bellic tries to kill Dardan Petrela.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Dardan Petrela Motherfucker, stay away. Your cousins owes us money, shithead. Stay the fuck away from me. You broke my arm already, man.
Niko Bellic kills Dardan Petrela. (First Possible Dialogue)
[This dialogue will only play if Niko Bellic beats up or shoots Dardan Petrela]
Niko Bellic There's what we owe you, Dardan. Nothing else.
Niko Bellic kills Dardan Petrela. (Second Possible Dialogue)
[This dialogue will only play if Niko Bellic pushes Dardan Petrela out of the window]
Dardan Petrela Ahhhhhhhh!
Niko Bellic I promised myself I wouldn't kill people here.
Niko Bellic kills Dardan Petrela. (Third Possible Dialogue)
[This dialogue will only play if Niko Bellic stabs Dardan Petrela with a knife]
Niko Bellic You shouldn't play with sharp objects, Dardan.
Niko Bellic returns to the car and drives back to the cab depot. (First Possible Dialogue)
Niko Bellic Dardan ain't a problem for you no more, cousin.
Roman Bellic Nice one, cousin. Drive back to the depot, these bruises are starting to pain.
Niko Bellic These men, these shylocks like Dardan, they always try to squeeze you for everything. A man in Europe, another Russian... Bulgarin. He live on the Adriatic. Believed I owed him money when I did not. He made my life impossible. There was no avoiding him.
Roman Bellic Did you deal with him like you did Dardan and Bledar?
Niko Bellic He had too many connections for that. I had to leave. He is one of the reasons I came here.
Roman Bellic And to see your cousin, of course.
Niko Bellic Of course.
Roman Bellic We will have no more problems from now on, cousin. it is all plain sailing straight to the top for you and me.
Niko Bellic We will see if things are that simple.
Niko Bellic returns to the car and drives back to the cab depot. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Will you drive me back to the office, cousin? Argh.
Niko Bellic What is it?
Roman Bellic I think he broke my rib. Man that hurts. Shit. I need a massage. We should go out and find some ladies, get some message oil.
Niko Bellic What about Mallorie, Roman? You shouldn't stay with her if you want to have these threesomes.
Roman Bellic It doesn't matter. Argh, I think I'm in too much pain anyway. Fuck.
Niko Bellic You really are American. You don't even swear in our language.
Roman Bellic You say this now, but soon even you will forget about the Old Country.
Niko Bellic We shall see. I have reasons to remember it. I saw bad things happen there. You do not know what is it that...
Roman Bellic Urghgh... I think it must be two ribs. Those fucking punks. What were you saying?
Niko Bellic It doesn't matter.
Cutscene 3
Niko Bellic arrives at the cab depot. Roman Bellic then enters.
Roman Bellic Thank you, cousin, I'll see you later.
Fail Cutscenes & Dialogues
Roman's car has been trashed.
Roman Bellic My cab, Niko. My cab is fucked.
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic alight from a bus outside the cab office. Roman Bellic then enters.
Roman Bellic Screw money I owe the Albanians, paying for the cab would be a lot harder. See you later, cousin.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 5 - Bleed Out (1080p)06:23

GTA 4 - Mission 5 - Bleed Out (1080p)

After the Mission

After completing this mission Roman will begin contacting Niko periodically, asking him to go on friendship activities with him.


  • When parked by the taxi at the beginning of the mission, Dardan's car is invincible, even to RPG shots, and the player cannot drive it.
  • The whole traffic during the chase is scripted (as are numerous other missions in the game). The vehicles seen in the traffic are not random: a Bobcat, two Marbelles and two Vigeros are seen in Crockett Avenue, two Mananas, one Marbelle and a Vigero in Mohawk Ave, a Manana, a Marbelle and a Bobcat in Bart Street, a Bus, one Vigero and one Marbelle in Delaware Avenue, two Merits, three Yankees and five Marbelles in southern Mohanet Ave, two Marbelles, one Merit and a Trashmaster in Chicory Street, and one Marbelle and a Pony in northern Mohanet Avenue.
  • During the mission when the playeris chasing Dardan with Roman and his car, if Dardan has a significant lead, Roman will sometimes shout something along the lines of "He's got a broken arm, and he's still out-driving you!"
  • During the fight with Dardan, he wears a blue and grey undershirt under his jacket, however when he is kicked out of the window, the cutscene will sometimes show him wearing the white undershirt he wore in Three's a Crowd.
  • If the player abandon Roman's Taxi it will trigger a cutscene of Niko and Roman getting off a Bus, which cannot be used as public transportation during gameplay. This suggests that the player could take bus rides in the beta. The game otherwise won't allow the player to leave in another vehicle, such as Dardan's car. Depending on how much damage was done to Roman's car during the chase, abandoning it may be the only option.
  • If the player takes Crockett Ave instead of following Dardan, he will drive extremely fast to keep ahead.
  • If the player kills Roman without attacking Bledar or Kalem before the cutscene, they will walk off like nothing happened. Also, if the player target them, the health bar will appear red on both of them, however if the player gets close to them or attack them they will not fight back or run away. They will act as if nothing happened. Killing them will also not affect the storyline.
  • There is a glitch where when the player punches Dardan and then he falls out of the window, he will sink into "blue hell", but Niko will act as if he killed him.
  • There is a somewhat rare glitch where Bledar will be next to impossible to defeat. Even using guns, it takes numerous headshots to kill him. Another glitch that accompanies this is that Roman may inexplicably die while you are fighting the thugs. It is unknown what causes this.
  • This is one of the missions that does not start with a cutscene and instead is activated through a phone call like Russian Revolution and Hostile Negotiation.   


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