The Atomic Blimp

Blimps are floating airships that appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and in Grand Theft Auto V. There are only three blimps found in the entire GTA Series.

In GTA Vice City, the Gash Blimp can be seen circling above Downtown Vice City. It is unreachable, because the blimp is located above the player's height limit. If the player finds a way to bypass the height limit and reach the blimp, they will find that it is unsolid, therefore there is no way to destroy the blimp.

The Atomic Blimp can be found in GTA V if the player pre-ordered the game, and it can be entered and controlled if the player calls the Blimp from the player's cellphone or flying a helicopter on top of the Blimp and entering it from there. Some standard editions included a code redeemable in PSN/Xbox Store in the game packaging. However, it is only unlockable if the player has signed up for PlayStation Network/Xbox Live.

The players who have played Grand Theft Auto V on PS3 or Xbox 360, and have completed at least Prologue will receive the Xero Blimp in the enhanced version version of the game.


  • If you destroy the Atomic Blimp with a plane or a helicopter, the player will receive a 3 star wanted level, much like if you do the same thing to the DeadDodo in GTA Vice City.
  • Despite it being a blimp, which is a non-rigid airship, you can see an iron framework like in semi-rigid or rigid airships if you blow it up.