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Franklin: "We're gonna risk our lives to rob some motherfucking government killers again?"
Michael: "Yup."
Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton prior to the heist.

Blitz Play is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is the third heist mission in the game that protagonists Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton execute.


Michael: "Alright... the fuck is this bullshit? We handled your little immigration problem or whatever the fuck it was. We're straight."
Steve: "Oh absolutely... yeah, yeah. You killed people, you tortured people, committed a litany of other crimes... Oh we're so straight you and me, we're arrows."
Michael De Santa and Steve Haines.
Michael, Franklin, and Trevor meet up with Steve Haines, Dave Norton, and Andreas Sanchez at the Murrieta Oil Fields to discuss business. Once there, Steve and Dave tell the protagonists that the FIB want to rob the IAA. The target: an armored car filled with funds the Agency earned from drug sales. Steve wants you to "requisition" those funds for the Bureau. After the agents leave, Michael comes up with a plan: "classic blitz play." He lays out the general approach, then the team splits up. Soon Michael makes a conference call to his two partners with more details. This unlocks the heist setups missions with each contact point marked as "HS" on the map. You will need:
  • Getaway Vehicle, that can be any car. The player will be automatically notified if he enters in a vehicle that can be used in the getaway.


After the three exchange pleasantries, Michael outlines the plan. Trevor needs to find an elevated perch and serve as the lookout, notifying the other two when the security truck is nearing the site of the attempted robbery so they can block the road.

The job starts with the player controlling Trevor in a first-person view as he looks at the oncoming traffic through a pair of binoculars to locate the armored truck. Once he spots it, the camera zooms out and places the player in control of Michael in the garbage truck, who maneuvers the vehicle to block the entire street.

When the garbage truck is in place, a cinematic sequence shows the armored truck approaching the roadblock and screeching to a halt. Now the camera jumps to Franklin's first-person perspective behind the wheel of the tow truck coming down an alley. The player steps on the gas and rams into the target vehicle at full speed. Another cutscene shows the powerful impact of the crash, which tips the armored vehicle on its side.

The player stays in control of Franklin, who walks over and places explosives on the back door of the overturned truck. After detonation, Michael joins Franklin and the guards emerge with their hands up. The alarm is already sounding, and police sirens scream in the distance. The team doesn't have time to collect all the cash, so they take defensive positions and wait to open fire on the LSPD.

At this point in the mission the player is given the ability to swap between Trevor, who is perched in an elevated position with a sniper rifle and an RPG, and the two other characters, who are both armed with machine guns near the truck. When the characters are this close together, player-activated switching happens nearly instantaneously, with the world slowing down for a split second so the player can reorient before rejoining the fray. To showcase the speed of these transitions, the play tester fires a rocket with Trevor and switches immediately to Franklin. Before the rocket even reaches its intended destination, he's in full control of the new character.

After disposing of several waves of cops, a brief reprieve allows the crew to gather the money and make off in the getaway vehicle, marking the end of a thrilling score.

Mission Objectives

  • Enter in the Garbage Truck. - (Michael)
  • Go to Cypress Flats. - (Michael)
  • Block the road with the garbage truck. - (Michael)
  • Hit the armored truck with the Tow Truck. - (Franklin)
  • Plant the Sticky Bomb on the back of the armored truck and detonate. - (Franklin)
  • Hold the police that its coming from the street. - (Michael and Franklin)
  • Hold the police that is coming from behind. - (Michael)
  • Kill all the snipers on the front buildings. - (Trevor)
  • Destroy the police helicopter. - (Trevor)
  • Enter in the grabage truck. - (Franklin)
  • Go to the getaway vehicle. - (Franklin)
  • Destroy the garbage truck. - (Franklin)
  • Leave the area. - (Franklin)
  • Go to Devin Weston's Mansion. - (Michael)

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Hawk Down - Shoot down the helicopter as Trevor.
  • Headshots - Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.
  • Switcher - Switch character 10 times. 


Weazel News Newspaper

"A Gruppe Sachs armoured car being used by the IAA to transport bonds was raided yesterday and the mainstream media refuses to call it what it is, a terror attack. The IAA do important work bolstering American imperialism around the globe, and any attack on them is an attack on the rich white US citizens who enjoy the cheap oil, and manufactured goods that ill-gotten global dominance can bring."

Bleeter Posts

  • @carsnpipes_pedro - "all that money stollen from security spending for healrthcare and now an iaa truck been hijacked thank you again liberal for fucking america"


  • The mission is heavily inspired[1] by the introduction robbery from the movie "Heat". This was referenced by Michael, who says that he was inspired by a Vinewood action movie he saw himself. In another possible reference, during the opening cinematic, Trevor refers to Michael as "slick," which Tom Sizemore's character Michael refers to Kevin Gage's character Waingro as.

Three wise monkeys pose.

  • The "Three Wise Monkeys" (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) pose (seen in the second trailer) is done by the 3 main characters during this mission, after being told that their government is corrupt.
  • In the gameplay trailer, a scene showed the Securicar crashing into a concrete fence and destroying it entirely. This lead many fans to believe that the environment was much more destructible than how it actually is in the game.
  • After the Securicar is taken out, one of the personnel says the cops will be swarming the area in ten seconds and they should run. Indeed, exactly ten seconds after that statement, a four-star wanted level is given.
  • No matter what boiler suit Trevor is wearing, the sleeves will always be rolled up and will have a long-sleeved black shirt underneath, with the exception of the green boilersuit, which has a white shirt underneath.
    • It is similar to the Dock Worker Outfit given to Trevor after completing the mission "Scouting The Port". This is because the outfit itself is a boilersuit with a safety vest on.
  • Approximately 33 police officers are killed in the insuing gunfight assuming all officers are killed (this counts NOOSE as well).
  • When Trevor says: At least we are not wearing clown masks, this could be a reference to the initial scene [1] of the movie The Dark Knight, when the Joker crew is robbing the bank using clown masks and some of then also wearing boiler suits. Another possibility is that it is a refrence to the game "Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 (Both games are inspired by the movie "Heat"), as the main characters in the game all wear clown masks during robberies. This could also be a reference to Trevor's extreme hatred to clowns, which he expressed in Grass Roots.
  • Michael was meant to be the one placing the explosives, as evidenced in the trailers.
    • If Franklin kills the two guards that emerge from the Securicar, Trevor will comment on it, but it seems that he is talking to Michael, not Franklin.
  • Despite the fact that gold medal achievement requires everyone to be wearing hockey masks, the crew wear different masks in the pre-release footage. Also, they all wear blue boilersuits despite the gold medal requiring them to wear differently colored boilersuits.
  • The fact that the IAA are using the proceeds from drug sales is a reference to the real-life allegations of the CIA's involvement in drug trafficking.
  • The gold medal objective Hawk Down is a reference to the infamous Black Hawk Down incident in 1993 where 2 Black Hawks were shot down in Mogadishu, Somalia.
  • The player can make one of the characters look like Tommy Vercetti in the mission, The Job, from GTA: Vice City (Green boilersuits and hockey masks).
  • After this mission, a user named @mackinit2009 will post the lines ''Armored car hit. Police shootout on streets of East Los Santos. This is like the 90s all over again." on Bleeter. It is possibly referencing Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas, as the game took place in 1992.




  1. Heat - Armored Van Heist

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