• Monkeypolice188

    Welcome to the GTA Wiki Weekly News!

    This week, Weekly News is presented to you by: Monkeypolice188.

    This week, we saw the release of the well-awaited Ocelot XA-21 hypercar. The vehicle can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for $2,375,000.

    Also this week, log onto GTA Online before 21st August and complete a Gunrunning shipment to unlock the Black Coil Tee. Double GTA$ and RP are available in the Sumo and Slasher Adversary Modes, as well as Double GTA$ profit on Gunrunning Sell Missions - be sure to make the most of that!

    A bunker, selected clothing and numerous vehicles are also discounted by 25% this week:

    • Route 68 Bunker
    • HVY APC
    • Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft Trailer
    • Jobuilt Phantom Wedge
    • Mammoth Hydra
    • Buckingham Valkyrie
    • All Gunrunning Clothing & Tatt…

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  • GTAToni96

    Cipriani Staunton Ultras is gang of Toni Cipriani 

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  • Boonsing

    I will create a new user account: AceWhale, and migrating all game related wiki to this new account. The current account will be for all other non-game fandom. Feel free to leave me a message in my talk page for any question!

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  • Chronias

    Meridia Chatelaine

    June 26, 2017 by Chronias

    |dob = 1989 |pob = Liberty City |nationality = American |home = Invention Court,
    Vespucci Canals, Los Santos |affiliations = ,
    |vehicles = Weeny Issi |businesses = Cool Beans,
    Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter |lifeinvader = Meridia Chatelaine


    Meridia Chatelaine is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, possibly appearing as a less then consequential character in Grand Theft Auto V, expanded on as an original character of fan fiction.

    She is an Art graduade of ULSA living in Los Santos and working at Kortz Center. A blogger of filtered smartphone-photos and amateur theses of sociocultural anthropolgy.

    Meridia was born and has lived in Liberty City up to her shool years when her family relocate…

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  • Baby Sheep Writing and Reporting

    Hey everyone! The long awaited Military DLC we've been waiting for is finally here, and it does not disappoint. The Gunrunning DLC brings new vehicles, weapons, clothing, missions, and property you can buy on the in-game internet, on Warstock Cache and Carry. However, all of the DLC content come at a high price. The most popular vehicle of the update so far is the HVY APC , which comes at the undiscounted price of $3,092,250. Now THAT is a lot of cheddar. However, I reccomend that before you go ahead and goof off with these new, fun vehicles, keep in mnd that there is a way to earn lots of money while you are spending it. To purchase the new properties in game, you need to first recieve a call from Agent 14 telling you that he is looking f…

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  • Coleworldfan12

    I have recently been playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on mobile, and have just been going around, grabbing money and etc. BUT, I have know..wiping out gang members but, it hasn't started a gang war yet. When is this unlocked, anyway?

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  • ILoveCats2009

    my first ever post

    April 26, 2017 by ILoveCats2009

    okay so hi there i'm new to the gta wikia and i hope you gta fans will get to know me and etc so why i joined because i like the grand theft auto series but sadly i don't have gta online on my computer so yea.

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  • Monkeypolice188

    Hey guys!

    Today I've mostly spent my time going through endless amount of scripting. It's fascinating and I'm slowly working out how the scripts for the game work.

    Anyway, onto the topic, I recently discovered the Export mission script - added in the import/export update. It contains absolutely everything (duh) about export missions, including

    • All the cars that are allowed to spawn
    • Where cars should spawn
    • Which cars are for enemies
    • What colors the cars should be
    • What colors enemy cars should be
    • Where the cars are allowed to spawn
    • What peds/other cars cars are allowed to spawn with
    • ...And much more. But what stood out to me was the list of cars that are generic across the missions. Those are, Buccaneer Custom, Faction Custom, Moonbeam Custom, Futo, D…
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  • Monkeypolice188

    So we all know that Rockstar love basing their vehicles on multiple real life inspirations, but I've composed a list of vehicles that truly do resemble real life vehicles entirely.

    Most cars take multiple body designs, but the Casco is one of those few that takes almost everything from one real life car - the 3500GT. And boy has the result been good. A stunning car.

    Not forgetting the Valor, the Roosevelt has a beautiful design, Rockstar really pulled off the design off, not to mention the theme of Valentines, and it's brilliant name.

    Literally the only supercar that takes almost all of its design from one car - the legendary Gallardo. Spiritual predecessor of both the Reaper (rear) and Tempesta (overall) (see what I'm saying about multiple des…

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  • GenkiGat

    GTA V and its shenanigans

    January 25, 2017 by GenkiGat

    Well basically, this game shares a thing in common with the Tv series "The Simpsons". While at the same time does a super exagerated satire of real life and society, at the same time it mirrors it in some ways. People go out less and less. People are more into videogames than real world. People just want to get high, have sex and eat a shit ton of junk food; sometimes all 3 at once. It makes one think about how this generation is really fucked up, and seems like it's nowhere near any short, nor long-term recovery. People blame the babyboomers, others blame the Generation X. I blame on the ones who are really to blame: Milennials and the upcoming Generation Z, the "can't do anything without my phone" generation.

    Self-centered, borderline arr…

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  • Monkeypolice188

    Hey guys!

    So, as the title suggests, it's been recently speculated by myself and WildBrick142 that GTA Online DLC content may have already been prepared for future release in Grand Theft Auto V story mode. This is based in numerous file changes within the last few months of past DLC releases and patches.

    So, let's get started!

    So far, it can only really be seen that this applies to DLC vehicles. Recently, Rockstar added dozens more default car colors to Carvariations.ymt/GTAV - if you didn't know already, this file is responsible for giving cars default colors that will be applied to the vehicle when spawned in traffic or via trainer. These new colors were applied to numerous vehicles added in the Cunning Stunts update for GTA Online, but strangel…

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  • GokaiWhite

    Who let the J-Dawg Out? is the working title of a Grand Theft Auto V spinoff concept by GokaiWhite. It stars Jimmy De Santa as the main protagonist, and retells most of GTAV's events from his perspective.

    The game is tentatively expected to be a 2.5D "run-and-gun" side-scroller/platformer, incorporating some online FPS and JRPG elements.

    More information to be added later...

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  • Westside JDM

    Hey everybody

    January 3, 2017 by Westside JDM

    Hey everyone, I started a wiki, and I'm needing help developing it. It's called the Gunship Battle and Warship Battle wiki.

    Here's the link

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  • Chris6d

    Not that I'm doing this, but how much in-game money do you think it would cost to buy EVERYTHING in GTA Online, including all clothes, weapons, vehicles, properties and all DLC items? I know this is kind of a stupid question, but everything in GTA Online is becoming more expensive (inflation is real in this game), so I was just wondering. What do you guys think?

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  • Rvb forever

    I just had a thought to use easter eggs in director mode. Such as the No Country for Old Men easter egg, the ghost of Lenora Johnson or maybe the engravings on buildings for the murder mystery easter egg. Being that some features are missing in director mode, are all these easter eggs still present in director mode? Can anyone confirm this? 

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  • Salatovnik

    Hi, im Dave, I had a series of weird stories during year 2004/2013. Three guys named Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa (Townley Formelry) and Franklin Clinton are trying to kill me for 9 years, and this is where it all began...

    "GET ON THE FLOOR, NOW!" Sayed moustacho guy when he entered bank in North Yankton. A middle aged guy entered knocked woman on the ground then guy with blonde hair, he is dead today he was called Brad. Then they got us in a room and someone sayed "It´s all set! Phone it in!" I knew it was and C4 or something like that, then we heard just big BOOM and I dont remember more because somebody gave me fist and I woke up in hospital.

    Nine years later...

    "Go anywhere, just dont stop!!!" said Dave to taxi driver when Trevor was …

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  • Monkeypolice188
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  • MidoTheGamer2

    Hi guys and welcome back to the blog I'm sorry for not keeping up with my schedule I was bussy finishing my school I'm hope that I will keep up with my blog I had time only to make my video's. Now let's get to the blog so as you might know I do my video's and then I make a blog post please take 12 minutes to watch the video to understand what this blog is all about and part 2 will hopefully come out today or tommorow I mean the video. After I was done making the video I wasn't done yet I stayed in the cabin for about the whole in game day holding my camera and using it and looking  around with it looking around from each un glassed window for about one real life hour it was so boring that I was watching one episode of the walking dead seas…

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  • Monkeypolice188
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  • Monkeypolice188

    Welcome to the GTA Wiki Weekly News!

    The latest continuation to Bikers this week saw the arrival of the Tornado Rat Rod - a rod conversion of the Tornado - buy now from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $375,000!

    See the latest #REPOSTS of the Tornado Rat Rod from Rockstar Games. (more news here)

    This week's Premium Stunt Race is: Stunt - City Air - a turbo-charged adrenaline rush high above Downtown Los Santos. Strap into your Sports class vehicle of choice and receive Triple RP for competing, as well as a sizeable GTA$ payout for finishing in the top 3. Available today through Monday, November 7th.

    On an additional side note, reminder that tomorrow (7th November, 2016) is your final opportunity to gain advantage from the 30% discount on s…

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  • Spiky Eared Pichu

    Since I am a person who always concentrates when playing the GTA games, I really don't like either of these cameras. The former for being bothersome during the least expected moments and causing you to only have a very minor glimpse of where you're going, and the latter is something I think they kind of wasted on.

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  • Monkeypolice188

    For some wonderful reasons, Wikia, sorry Fandoms wonderfully wonderful apps of popular wikis just aren't enough.

    Number 1 - Links

    Well, seems they got the layout sorted, well, we'll come onto that later, shame they didn't think so much about links.

    Number 2 - Picture Loading

    As if it wasn't painful enough downloading the app, it turns out pictures that are inserted as take 1 million years longer to load than regular galleries. Fantastic. Don't worry, we have some logic - 3 pictures in a row load into galleries automatically, and load instantly, so yep, it takes longer to load less pictures.

    Number 3 - That thing called 'align'.

    So now your wonderful pictures have loaded, why is it in a funny place?

    Number 4 - Tabular Miracles

    Good luck working out t…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Welcome to the GTA Wiki Weekly News!

    Yesterday saw the release of the latest Halloween update for GTA Online. Details can be found in the last blog from last weekend, but the basics are that the Sanctus motorcycle was released, sporting a scary skull with colored eyes on the front; a new adversary mode called Lost vs Damned and content from last year's Halloween such as the Fränken Stange have been re-released once again.

    Firstly, congratulations to JohnnyD-the-VGNerd on passing his Patroller probation.

    Also, there is currently a request regarding renaming the January 2016 Update article, so please check it out and vote.

    The user with the most edits this week is TAlim 1994 with 206 edits, congratulations to him.

    Finally, the total number of view…

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  • Monkeypolice188
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  • MidoTheGamer2

    Hi huys it's MidoTheGamer2 and this is my first blog yes a blog did you know that I'm going to start making a blog The blog will be based on the grand theft auto series but I'm just going to make blogs from the 3d era for the moment because I don't have the resources for gta IV and gta V. But most importantly in my blog I'm going to feature of camera content such as uncovered stuff that I missed out from the video. Also the blog will come out after the video with a few days.

    So we're done with the introduction. Now! Let's get too the blog today I'm going to talk about what happened after I wen't off camera the first thing that I did immediately I oppened gta san andreas and I opened one of my finished game loads and I took the aircraft to …

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  • MidoTheGamer2

    Hi guys this is MidoTheGamer and I'm really sorry that there is not too much text because I did a whole blog on this video but for some reason it did not upload properly so I reupladed it and please check it out also whatch this to understand what I'm talking about in the blog.

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  • Leon Davis

    UPDATED October 29: As part of the expansion of the Bikers DLC, there are two new vehicles in GTA Online this week. The Pegassi Vortex and the LCC Sanctus are now available for purchase. There is also a new adversary mode, Lost vs Damned. Rockstar have also confirmed that the Franken Stange and Lurcher are available again until November 15, along with character customization options from last year's Halloween Surprise.

    That's not all. As part of the celebration of three years of Grand Theft Auto Online, you can get 30% off the most popular content from all updates since November 2013. That's still not all, you can earn a free GTA$250k just for logging on Monday, October 31. The cash will be available from your character's Maze Bank account …

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  • Monkeypolice188

    GTA VI Radio

    October 24, 2016 by Monkeypolice188

    Personal mix of what I think should be in GTA VIs radio. This is going by the assumption it is set in Vice City, and even more so if it is set in the 1980's. Ideally, the following are released before 1989.

    Yes I'm aware several songs appear in previous games, I feel some of them are too ideal for Vice City not to appear to again.

    • Club Tropicana - Wham!
    • You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - Dead or Alive
    • Thriller - Michael Jackson
    • Let's Dance - David Bowie
    • Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
    • Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) - The Jacksons
    • Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
    • Venus - Bananarama
    • Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    • Good Times - CHIC
    • Heart of Glass - Blondie
    • Atomic - Blondie

    • It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
    • Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
    • Never Gonna Give…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Welcome to the GTA Wiki Weekly News!

    I hear there are some bonuses... alright let's be honest, was this week about GTA Online? No, of course not...

    ...But for those who are interested, there will be a new Halloween-themed motorcycle released on Friday, October 28 called the LCC Sanctus, and a new Adversary Mode called Lost vs Damned. Additionally, Halloween content from 2015 will also become available once again. Also released on Tuesday, October 25 was the Pegassi Vortex, a new streetfighter motorcycle.

    Finally, the following vehicles will be discounted by 30% from now until Monday, November 7, 2016, along with certain tattoos and outfits (see poster) as part of the 3rd Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V/Online:

    • Speeder
    • Roosevelt Valor
    • Turismo R
    • Zen…

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  • Monkeypolice188
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  • Monkeypolice188

    Hey people,

    So today, if you're not already up to scratch with Rockstar Games, or better still, Facebook in general, you may be aware that Rockstar Games just recently replaced the yellow/black themed Rockstar Games logo with a red/black themed one - these colors being associated with the Red Dead franchise. They also replaced the original GTA Online: Bikers cover photo with a reversed color scheme of the red/black themed logo.

    What do we think? Personally, I think a logo change - moving away from the yellow/black theme typically associated with the GTA series itself - is a sign that they're scrapping GTA Online updates and moving onto the next Red Dead game - could this be it? With GTA Online: Bikers being the latest update, and tonnes of r…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey there and welcome to the GTA Wiki Weekly News!

    This week saw the continuation of the Bikers DLC with the release of the Raptor and Daemon Custom, as well as the ability to own a sixth property, whether that be a garage or apartment is up to the player. The player can purchase the Raptor on Legendary Motorsport and the Daemon Custom on Southern San Andreas Autos, while the sixth purchasable property can be found in Dynasty8.

    First of all, could all users please go to the community noticeboard and vote on the vote regarding adding Discussions to the wiki? More info about it can be found there.

    The user of the week is the user who made the most edits over the last week. The user of the week for this week is... LS11sVaultBoy with 369 edits! C…

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  • Fastkak

    My GTA

    October 12, 2016 by Fastkak

    Grand Theft Auto V PS3


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  • Ryanandradeabreu

    Flight 1987 Was a scheduled Capira airlines from airport los santos. The Jet aircraft serving the flight has hijacked by franklin. flight 1987 was quit los santos airport, the flight 1987 was crashed into farm and aftermath of accident of caipira airlines.

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  • Monkeypolice188
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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey there, and welcome to this week's edition of GTA Wiki Weekly News!

    The GTA Online Bikers update was released on Tuesday, and has been greatly enjoyed by many in the GTA Community. There honestly isn't much else that can be said on this subject other than I hope you all have fun growing your weed farms and making meth the Breaking Bad way!

    The user of the week is the user with the most edits over the last 7 days. The user of the week for this week is Monkeypolice188, who, despite having been banned for a few days, still managed to make 458 edits. Congratulations to him.

    Finally, the weekly total views for the wiki is 2.1 million.

    Last week the community was asked which plane they prefer out of them all in the GTA Series. 36 people in the commun…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey there, and welcome to the wiki's weekly news! It's October time and a GTA Online update is so close we could almost touch it! Let's get into it.

    A quick update on the GTA Online Bikers update is that the release date is October 4, 2016, meaning it will be here with us at 10 am GMT this Tuesday.

    This weekend is also another GTA Online bonus weekend. It features 50% off all warehouses and offices, 25% off cunning stunts super cars, 50% off the turreted limo, 25% off all special cargo crates, and 25% off Buckingham Swifts & Luxors. Additionally, there is 50% off Lester, Pegasus and Merryweather services, 25% off all motorcycles, and 25% off warehouses workbench vehicle upgrades. Signing in between the dates of September 30 and October 3 will a…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey there. and welcome to GTA Wiki Weekly News. A lot has happened in the GTA Series this week, so let's get right into it!

    Alright, so, probably the most important news this week is the announcement of the Bikers update for GTA Online. Although we may not have a release date yet, there has still been a lot announced for the free DLC, and a release date is surely just around the corner; I am almost 100% sure it will be released sometime around early-mid October. The update allows up to 8 players to create their own Biker crew. The Biker MCs will have their own ranking system; players can start off as a Prospect and eventually, if they're good enough, become club President. The update includes a wide range of new motorcycles, game modes, prop…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey there, and welcome to GTA Wiki Weekly News! Let's get straight into it.

    In GTA Online, Rockstar are continuing to hand out "GTA Online Bonuses", which is the same thing that they gave out last week; I guess they ran out of things to name them. The bonuses this week (running 16th September to 22nd September) are: half price off everything at Warstock Cache & Carry, double GTA$ and RP in Drop Zone and Parachuting, 25% off the Armored Kuruma, 50% off all Merryweather services, 25% off body armor, assault rifles, ammo and throwables. Also, this week's Premium Stunt Race is Threading the Needle in motorcycles. More info can be found here.

    Did you know it was on this day three years ago that Grand Theft Auto V was released? Because I only realis…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey guys, and welcome to this week's edition of GTA Wiki Weekly News! This blog is here to keep you up to date with the weekly goings-on in the GTA Series and on the wiki itself. Let's get straight into it.

    In Grand Theft Auto Online, this week's online bonuses (which for once don't actually have a name) are pretty vehicle and property related; there is 50% off all yachts, 50% off properties and offices, 25% off the Banshee 900R upgrade at Benny's, a double GTA$ and RP playlist, 50% off Cargobobs and Valkyries, and 25% off all high-end apartment interiors, office interiors and office modifications. Some more in-depth detail can be found on the full article on Rockstar's Newswire here. The bonuses will last from September 9th until September …

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey guys, and welcome to the second edition of the wiki's weekly news. This blog is here to give you the latest updates on what has happened this week and what may be happening next week, so let's get straight into it!

    Perhaps the biggest bit of news relating to the GTA Series this week was the news that failed actress and all round crack-head Lindsay Lohan lost her lawsuit against Rockstar, who she claims used her likeness for promotional purposes in Grand Theft Auto V. Not sure who I mean? Well you will when you take a look at the image on the right, it's Bikini Girl! She was probably the main artwork Rockstar used and continues to use when advertising GTA V (heck, the background of the artwork is our wiki's background!). It can also be fou…

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  • Ultimate94ninja

    'Sup there, here are polls regarding radio stations in the Grand Theft Auto series. What are your favorite radio stations per GTA game?

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey, and thanks for checking out the return issue of GTA Wiki's Weekly News! The news has been gone for over a year (maybe even two, who knows), and it is a great feeling for me to know it is back, hopefully meaning that it can help to serve as a latest news hub for all GTA Wiki editors.

    As you can probably guess, the news blog will be weekly, being published every Saturday to let all users know what has happened during the week on both the wiki and in the series, and inform everyone on what is to come. The wiki has slowed down a bit this year, most likely due to the long wait for any new GTA games, but as Grand Theft Auto VI likely grows closer, the wiki should start to bustle again.

    So, without further ado, let's get into it!

    Fans of Grand Theft…

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  • GlockProductions

    What were your favourite radio stations in the GTA series?

    Mine were:

    • It's Unleashed FM (GTA 1)
    • King 130.7 (GTA 2)
    • Head Radio (GTA III/LCS) [only because it was the closest to a rock station]
    • V-Rock (GTA VC/VCS)
    • Radio X (GTA SA)
    • LCHC (GTA IV)
    • Radio Broker (GTA EFLC)
    • Anvil (GTA CW)
    • Channel X & VBR (GTA V)
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  • Ultimate94ninja

    Sooo... What type(s) of sounds annoy you the most in the Grand Theft Auto series?

    Mine include the fact that literally every driver gets his head stuck on the horn in a cliché way, when killed inside their car (especially when caused by vehicle bumps) in both GTA IV and V.

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  • ZealandSuperSport122

    I have tried all the chase missions and GTA 5, and got these results.

    Don't mind the cutscenes, those are something else.

    1. Franklin and Lamar - Pretty easy. If you go fast enough or use Frank's ability, you'll be able to hit lamar's car, but he won't lose control as always known for these kind of chase scenes.
    2. Father and Son - Only the truck is fixed to the path. The trailer can sometimes be rammed in different directions.
    3. Chop - could possibly do it with frank's ability or fully upgrading the van using money mods.
    4. Three in a row. Marriage Counseling - Still trying. Probably not possible since you're driving as michael.
    5. The Jewel Heist (Both ways) - The bikes are fixed to path. I'll try this again sometime.
    6. Mr. Phillips - during the chase, the Gan…
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  • Monkeypolice188

    Hey guys,

    I've been doing some major experimenting this evening. I was driving around in a police chase with my Stallion in GTA IV, and noticed that a sudden hit on the breaks while cornering 90 degrees didn't actually cause the car to steer. It was at this moment I realized, the car doesn't have ABS, whereas many other cars I had done similar actions in, did. I'll talk you through it.

    Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a system which stops wheels locking up under braking pressure. This system applies short bursts of braking pressure, rather than one constant amount of pressure, allowing the wheels to move for very short bursts of time.

    To see whether a vehicle has ABS in the real world, several tests can be done with the car (assuming these test…

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  • Monkeypolice188

    Patroller Rights

    August 8, 2016 by Monkeypolice188

    Just to let all Patrollers know, you can now rename images without leaving a redirect.

    Thanks. Monk Talk 16:22, August 8, 2016 (UTC)

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  • TheNigerianBook51

    My favourite vehicles are Moonbeam and Rancher, I drived a Moonbeam from Grove street (Los Santos) to Fort carson (Bone County), I drived a Rancher all the way from San Fierro to Las Venturas.

    2nd favourite is the Tuners (Elegy, Flash, Jester, Stratum, Sultan and Uranus), I like Sultan more than the Others. Because i drive a Sultan from Los Santos to Las Venturas.

    3rd favourite vehicle is Faggio, Pizzaboy, Wayfarer and Admiral, But i like Faggio and Wayfarer more than Pizzaboy and Admiral.

    4th favourite is Bike, BMX, Mountain Bike and Oceanic.

    The rest:

    5: Merit, Marquis

    6: Sanchez, Dune, Coach

    7: Taxi, Cabbie

    more soon.

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  • George Hamburger

    This game is one of the greatest racing games I've ever played.

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