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  • Andyxdr

    Hey guys! Today is my 16th birthday!!! I am now 16! What do you say to that?

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  • Kiril125

    Hey, I know i'm fairly new here, sure call me a noob. But I want to know if my recent edits meant something or were useful. I will take both positive and negative feedback into account. I really wish to become an effective contributor in here. Thanks in advance!

    Kiril125 (talk) 13:25, August 26, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Hupla53


    August 26, 2015 by Hupla53

    A few days after this post, I will close my Wikia account. I am closing my account because of bullshit image and licencing policies, and that almost every edit I make is edited by somebody who dedicates a lot of their time on the internet to editing Wikia pages while I just do it rarely. To make a long story short, I am leaving because if you are not a major player in Wikia editing, you should GTFO. I do not have any plans to create a new account in the future. Auf wiedersehen.

    (P.S., this is not because of my "false image reports" by MC, Smurfy and smashbro8, this is because of the reasons above. So don't give me any shit for running away from my problems.)

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  • Andyxdr

    Hey guys. I recently created and I was wondering if anyone can help me construct it. Can you help me?

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  • Monkeypolice188
    Hey! It's my 1 year anniversary, and in 1 year I have gained more that 9500 edits!

    How well do you guys think I've done? What to do next?
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  • Camilo Flores

    Wiki Glitch

    August 6, 2015 by Camilo Flores

    Anyone spotted something wrong in the Wiki? Because I've seen that some texts have lose colors. Just saying to see if this happens for everyone or for a user. Thanks.

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  • MignightHawk

    Some of what I am going to say here may contradict what you may believe, so if you choose to believe it, feel free to continue on. Otherwise, you might want to click off. 

    Warning: Long post.

    Now I know a lot of people are going to be up saying that the Adder is a great car for racing because it's the fastest car in the game, and that it's based off the Bugatti. Thing is, the Adder isn't a very good car for racing. It lacks the two things which matter most in racing; Traction, and Acceleration. In case you don't know, the Adder has a pretty bad case of understeer, and acceleration which is only better than the Bullet. According to Broughy1322's testing, (while not universal, it does provide an idea as to which vehicles are quicker than other…

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  • Westside JDM

    GTA 6 Gun Ideas

    July 30, 2015 by Westside JDM

    Since I did the vehicle ideas, Now we'll see what we can have in the gun category

    • Combat Pistol- The Combat Pistol from GTA 5
    • .357 Revolver- The Revolver returning from Chinatown Wars and Vice City
    • Pistol .44- Pistol .44 from TBOGT
    • AP Pistol- AP Pistol from GTA 5 
    • Pistol .50- Pistol .50 from GTA 5
    • Heavy Pistol- Heavy Pistol from GTA 5
    • Pistol from GTA 5 returning to GTA 6 as the "Basic Pistol"

    • Mauser C96- Mauser Pistol from Red Dead Redemption with the name of "Vintage Automatic Pistol"
    • Wesbley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver- Named as the "Automatic Revolver"
    • Glock 18- Named as the "Automatic 19mm"
    • Derringer- Named as "Pocket Pistol"
    • CZ-75- Named as the "Automatic 9mm"
    • Beretta M9- Named as the "Pistol"
    • FN Five-Seven- Named as the "PDW Pistol"
    • SW500- Named as…

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  • Lover of 80s and Madonna

    I Think Michaels Phone  is Not iPhone 5C Its  iPhone 4S Because I Have iPhone 4S and Its Likes My iPhone

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  • Cub3dN3t100

    First Blog Post

    July 27, 2015 by Cub3dN3t100

    Hello GTA community, this is my first daily blog post. Everyday I will ask questions, give updates, and announcements

    (i spelled that wrong). Have a good day everyone.

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  • Monkeypolice188

    Hey! So, as you may have heard, I'm currently working on a new-and-developed vehicle table that will either be put along with the vehicle table list, or will replace it. 

    The experiment currently only contains GTA V's Vehicles, as it is the best place to start. As a user requested, the table contains names and images, as well as containing a brief description and Rockstar Social Club Statistics. The current table can be found here. The description's text is put in  tags, to make each vehicle section smaller, again, making it easier to navigate.  The project is clearly only a project, and could be canceled, held back or completely scrapped at any given time. Since I have only covered 2 full vehicles classes in GTA V, the project will certai…

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  • Witnessme

    Hola! Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our THIRD annual battle is coming up in a couple of weeks...and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate! Admins, I encourage you to rally your contributors to vote on one particular fantastical food before submitting your selection.
    Click HERE to submit a food from your community.
    The top 64 foods will be entered in Round 1, which launches on July 29.
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  • Bandicootfan63

    So, am I the only one who enjoys the weapon tints this much? XD

    I give Michael, Franklin and Trevor their own set of tints, lol

    • Michael gets platinum (aside from any gun in Max Payne 3 with a Golden variant, in which case the gun is golden) I'm stuck on the Knuckledusters; The Rock or The King?
      • The recent skins from Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 really screwed this system up, and I'm stumped as to which ones I should pick.
    • Franklin gets green for the Families and the gold Micro SMG. Stuck on the Knuckledusters' skin.
    • Trevor has army tints and a pink "dildo" rocket and homing missile launcher. Knuckledusters are The Hater variant.

    So, what do you think of this? Am I a pansy for caring so much about my bling in a Grand Theft Auto game? And share your thoughts on …

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  • Leon Davis

    Now, for the GTA fans who play, they'll know it's not all stealing cars and killing prostitutes to get your money back. GTA cutscenes can be amusing; so list what you think is the funniest.

    Contra-Banned: The sex argument between Maria and Salvatore in Liberty City Stories.

    Freefall: Who could forget Tony the parrot?

    Cholo Victory: Anything with Phil Cassidy drunk, a shotgun and an attempt to drive a Walton facing a wall. Need I say anymore.

    So let me know, what was your favourite?

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  • Johnnyate8

    Hey guys so im a noob at gta because i just started and i cant do anything that other people can do. for example, people get garages for free and i have to pay alot. Also, when i goto los santos customs i can only repair my vechile and not re spray it or anything. I really want to have awesome cars to store in my garage but i just cant. help please! (Franklin, Storymode.) 



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  • SpiderMatty
    • Grand Theft Auto London 1961
    • Grand Theft Auto London 1969
    • Grand Theft Auto
    • Grand Theft Auto 2
    • Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
    • Grand Theft Auto Vice City
    • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 
    • Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories
    • Grand Theft Auto Advance
    • Grand Theft Auto 3
    • Grand Theft Auto 4
    • Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
    • Grand Theft Auto Online
    • Grand Theft Auto V
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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    The Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 2 is out now on all systems. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

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  • BonnieFan

    Triple your money

    July 5, 2015 by BonnieFan

    So what you need, is more than 16 dollars, and to have passed the mission where you kill the Lifeinvader CEO

    You go on your phone, hop on the internet. Click 'Money and Services' Hit the first link. Now scroll down and select 'Lifeinvader' Hold the plus button until almost all your money is gone. Now, click the OK button. Afterwards, a 'Sell' button will appear. CLICK IT You now should have earned 3 times more money than before. Can be done an infinite amount of time. The great part is, you are not exploiting the game. EASY MONEY GUARRENTEED

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  • RainingPain17

    Rockstar revealed the upcoming content to Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the new Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update, the second release of this early (and hot) summer. The update will be released next week.

    A "new" super car, similar in design to the Turismo R.

    An off-road sports buggy made by Coil for some reason.

    A new edition of the Coquette with a vintage design.

    A fast boat. With a wooden finish and a cool name.

    A muscle car made by Vapid.

    A bike similar in design to the Thrust.

    A one-shot pistol with a high damage per shot. Similar to a sort of mini-Musket.

    Golden brass knuckles to beat the shit out of people with solid gold.

    Much like previous update, new clothing (not fully announced yet).

    The PC exclusive (or rather forme…

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  • Dodo8

    I'm playing as Trevor and I bought a Rhino from Warstock Cache & Carry. They said they delivered it but I can't find it in my garage in Pillbox. Where did it get stored? That's the only property I own.

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  • WinterMagnet

    GTA - Custom Cars

    June 28, 2015 by WinterMagnet

    Hello, and welcome to my fanon car list.

    Here are my car ideas. I can't do car photos.

    Please read the returning cars, they all very changed.

    I don't care if a car is reused (the Jupiter to the Vigero) and the main difference is the model year. Rockstar did this with Voodoo, Tornado and Savanna, so I don't care.

    Manufacterer: Declasse

    Based of: Chevrolet Malibu

    The Idaho is back in GTA V... Aw... I don't really care. It was as good as the automatic shotgun. You're probably saying that. Actually, it's now based of the Chevrolet Malibu, but with some other inspirations!

    Fully based of the Chevrolet Malibu, it has doors that resemble the Dodge Charger, along with the handles from the Dodge Ram. It has a custom V8 exhaust, and in X-Flow style, at the…

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  • A List007

    My GTA history

    June 24, 2015 by A List007

    Hello and welcome to my page. I just joined (well when I'm writing this). Ask me questions and I'll answer them I'm still trying to figure it out some stuff on this website and help would be appreciated

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  • LegenDove

    Ok, so a few weeks ago Wikia changed it's overall style, and now it seems as though the whole GTA Wiki looks much, much worse. Not in the sense of community, but in the sense of it's aesthetics. Below is a screenshot of what the front page looks like (to me) on a 1920x1080 screen.

    As you can see, it just doesn't look good. I think the biggest fault is the background and navigation image. The background has all of that white space, and the header doesn't reach the sides of the page. Not only that, but the whole front page just seems out of preportion. I think we can all agree that this needs to be changed.

    So I think we'll need a new background for the wiki. It can't be very detailed, due to the 300 KB file size, but it needs to be a high res…

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  • Gilbransen192837465

    DLC 1: Counterculture DLC Since the remnants of counterculture flourish in Los Santos, it would be great to have a DLC pack for it. The DLC would mainly be a Comtent Pack. Some counterculture groups that would be good to include in such a pack would be: Outlaw Bikers, Jugalos, Hippie, Greaser, Metalhead, Grunge, Skinhead (Not Nazi), Emo/Goth, and Punk. Some Content for the Outlaw Bikers could be: A Lupara (Double Barrel Sawn Off), A few new bikes (Bring in some new choppers or return the Hellfury, Zombie, or Wolfsbane), some new clothing items: The long awaited biker vest, Jeans with a chain, Wermacht style helmets, and some new shades, Some customization options like a Gerry type beard, Grown out hair, and some biker themed tattoos (Maybe…

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  • SociallyAwkwardEpic

    With the bank balances of Los Santos' finest criminals now firmly in the black - it's time to grab some R&R with the Ill-Gotten Gains Event Weekend: Part One, running from this Friday, June 12th through June 14th. There's a full host of in-game bonuses to get your grubby little mitts on, as well as a Social Club Sweepstakes, livestreams and much more.

    DOUBLE CASH ADVERSARY MODES EVENT PLAYLIST For the gluttonous, the miserly and everyone in-between – grab even more GTA$ this weekend when playing the Adversary Modes that were released alongside GTA Online Heists. If you haven’t yet had a chance to play these three new Modes – which require mastering tactics such as mowing over cyclists in a truck, executing sawn-off shotgun drive-bys and def…

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  • Monkeypolice188

    Top 10 reasons why GTA V is better than GTA Online, and vice versa!

    1. Troll-free gameplay - Don't you just hate being killed randomly, by 10 year old gamers who scream down the mic, and "spray and pray", firing until they manage to get a headshot? Sometimes, when it's just too much of a warzone out there, you just need to play on your own, knowing no-one's there to kill you, unless you count the LSPD...
    2. Much larger variety of vehicles - It's annoying when the same car just keeps appearing in GTA Online, no variety, and the same cars will appear in Sandy Shores or Paleto Bay. With GTA V, you have to choice of hundreds of vehicles at once, rather than having to wait a long time just for the spawner to change. Also, rare cars such as the Asea , Po…

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  • GrandTheftAutoFanatic

    Michael for my stats has killed 1,061 people, if he were arrested, what sentence would he get?

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  • Sharp shooter011

    Channel X is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The station plays punk rock and is hosted by Cherise McCormic

    • AFI - He Who Laughs Last... (1996)
    • Bad Religion - Los Angeles Is Burning (2004)
    • Bloodhound Gang - I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks (1997)
    • The Distillers - The Young Crazed Peeling (2002)
    • Green Day - Minority (2000)
    • Guttermouth - I'm Destroying the World (2001)
    • Less Than Jake - Last One Out of Liberty City (1998)
    • The Living End - Prisoner of Society (1998)
    • NOFX - Herojuana (2000)
    • No Use for a Name - Justified Black Eye (1995)
    • The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright - (1999)
    • Pennywise - Victim Of Reality (1999)
    • pintSIZE - Say Yes to Drugs
    • Rancid - Nihilism (1994)
    • Social Distortion - Don't Drag Me Down (1996)

    Exclusive for PS4, Xbo…

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  • Westside JDM

    If there was a Heists pt. 2 update, What would you want? I know there would have to be vehicles

    • Buckingham Sea Sparrow, a two seater light attack helicopter. For sale on Warstock Cache and Carry for $950,000
    • Karin Sultan RS, A street legal racing variant of the Sultan. For sale on Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $150,000
    • Dewbauchee Super GT, A two seater V12 engined Super car. For sale on Legendary for $400,000
    • Enus Super-Drop Diamond, The converitble variant of the Super Diamond. For sale on Legendary for $350,000
    • Grotti Turismo, The original Turismo returning to GTA Online. For sale on Legendary for $467,000
    • Pegassi Formula R, A Formula 1 based car. For sale on Legendary for $80…

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  • RainingPain17

    Rockstar Games, who has been teasing a screenshot of a new car earlier, has now revealed its next content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, named the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1.

    Due to a surge in high-end crime across southern San Andreas, demand for luxury goods and services is at an all-time high. Upscale merchants of all kinds are scrambling to fill their inventories to serve the newly wealthy. The first of two major deliveries this summer will be hitting the showrooms of luxury car dealerships, the shelves of top arms suppliers and other prestigious retailers in June. Here are a few new screenshots featuring some of the new rides and accessories coming to GTA Online next week – and be on the lookout for another big shipment coming this sum…

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  • Ewerson Cabral

    Radio Los Santos (106.1) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V. it plays Hip Hop and Rap music.

    • 50 Cent - PIMP
    • Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone - Ridin'
    • Chris Brown Feat.Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal
    • Drake - Headlines
    • Eminem - Space Bound
    • Eminem - Not Afraid
    • Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite
    • Mike Posner  Feat. Big Sean  - Top of the World
    • Mike WiLL Made-It - 23
    • Lil Wayne Feat. Static - Lollipop
    • Ludacris - Rollout (My Business)
    • Pitbull Feat. Marc Anthony  - Rain Over Me
    • T.I. - Whatever You Like
    • Usher - Yeah
    • Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk
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  • Owen1983

    car ideas for GTA 6

    May 29, 2015 by Owen1983
    • GrotTI Kyoto (Lamoghini Diablo)
    • Sundat 620 (Datsun 510)
    • Chevel Picador custom  (1977 Holden Sandman)
    • Ocolot XJ2200 (Jaguar XJ220)
    • Annis White Widow (Nissan Fairlady)
    • Vapid Eagle GT (Ford Falcon GT Coupe
    • Dalla Fastback (Lada Samara)
    • Vladivostosk Kolina (1986 Moskvich 2140
    • Willard Faction GLK (Buick GNX)
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  • Meeston Falcon
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  • Ewerson Cabral

    Non-Stop-Pop FM (100.7 FM) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, hosted by The Actress Ellen Page. The station is a rhythmic adult contemporary radio station, playing a mix of pop, R&B, and dance hits.

    • Akon - Don't Matter
    • Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen
    • Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
    • Depeche Mode -The Things You Said
    • Down With Webster - Jessica
    • Enrique Iglesias - I Like It
    • George Michael -  I Can't Make You Love Me
    • Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams
    • Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
    • Katy Perry Feat. Snoop Dogg - California Gurls
    • Ne-Yo - Sexy Love
    • Paramore - Still Into You
    • Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
    • Robin Thicke Feat. T.I. ,Pharrell - Blurred Lines
    • Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply 
    • Spandau Ballet - True
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  • Pseudobread

    There's more to GTA V on PC than the game itself; it also features a powerful movie making package that can give you immense directorial abilities. Here's how to use them wisely.

    It's safe to say that the PC version of GTA V has turned out the best, thanks to Rockstar pulling out all the stops to accommodate a massive range of PC hardware. A standard gaming PC can easily give the PS4 and Xbox One versions a run for their money, but give it more power, and maybe a shiny NVIDIA GTX 980, and you end up with something absolutely stunning. Besides the main game, we think the best fun's to be had with the Rockstar Editor, which enables you to record in-game footage and turn it into beautiful 60fps films, complete with atmospheric soundtracks and …

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  • Leon Davis

    Ever wanted to create a music video? Are you experienced at using the new Rockstar Editor? Then now is your chance to win gaming gear and other prizes, by creating a music video for Leave by Wavves, featured on the Alchemist and Oh No album; Welcome to Los Santos. You can find the article here. The video may not be made using mods. Contest ends June 8, 2015.

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  • Sharp shooter011

    Poor Man's Radio (P.M.R.) is an alternative rock/metal, britpop, post-grunge, and nu-metal radio station in Grand Theft Auto V

    • 3 Doors Down - When I'm Gone (2002)
    • Aerosmith - Jaded (2000)
    • Beck - Sexx Laws (1999)
    • Bush - Greedy Fly (1997)
    • David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (1997)
    • Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (1998)
    • Everclear - Santa Monica (1995)
    • Finger Eleven - First Time (2000)
    • Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (1998)
    • Kilgore - Avowal (1998)
    • Mansun - Wide Open Space (1996)
    • Nine Inch Nails - Starfuckers, Inc. (2000)
    • Nickelback - Leader of Men (2000)
    • Oasis - Where Did It All Go Wrong (2000)
    • Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution (1998)
    • Primus - The Antipop (1999)
    • Ra - Violator (2002)
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication (2000)
    • System Of A Down - Sugar (1998)
    • The …

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  • SociallyAwkwardEpic

    Welcome to the Latest Edition of Asked and Answered, this time we got info on new Updates, the Rockstar Editor for Consoles, The Lab for Consoles and more!

    “The real question is: on what are we going to spend the money from the Heists? (For those who have practically everything)” – vens243 “What’s coming next for GTA Online…??” – Nilix “Will there be more [Heists] added with future updates?” – carl0winer

    To vens243 and others who are excited to show off their Heists spoils, beyond the many new vehicles and items that arrived to GTA Online as part of Heists, we are also working on another update coming soon that will feature some very cool new toys for you to enjoy and flaunt with your ill-gotten gains. For now, the screenshot above provides …

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  • Smurfynz

    There has been quite a bit of 2nd and 3rd hand information flying around over the last couple of days about Rockstar Games coming down hard on any users with modified versions of GTA V (primarily mentioning PC version but obviously applying to the console versions which have been modified too).

    The rumour: Online bans for Story Mode modifications.

    A few quoted sources I have seen:

    • This Youtube clip
    • This Attackofthefanboy article
    • This Youtube clip

    So, the EULA has been changed to align with what I would term a "standard no-reverse-engineering" clause.

    This isn't something we're likely to see an official Newswire announcement about, although there have been a couple in the last 18 months to announce their crack-downs on on-line modders.

    I've never b…

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  • Ewerson Cabral


    May 5, 2015 by Ewerson Cabral

    P.M.R. is an alternative rock/metal, britpop, post-grunge, and indie rock radio station in Grand Theft Auto V

    P.M.R. is a rock station with a playlist including music varying between alternative rock, Britpop, alternative metal, post-grunge, and indie rock.

    • 3 Doors Down - Here Without You (2002)
    • Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip (2003)
    • Creed - My Sacrifice (2001)
    • Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (2004)
    • Extreme - More Than Words (1991?)
    • Faith No More - The Real Thing (1989)
    • Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (1987)
    • Guns N' Roses - November Rain (1992)
    • Hoobastank - The Reason (2003)
    • Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (1998)
    • Linkin Park - Numb (2003)
    • Mansun - Wide Open Space (1996)
    • My Chemical Romance - Teenagers (2007)
    • Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991)
    • Nirvana - Heart…

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  • Mrjohndenver

    admiral sc

    May 2, 2015 by Mrjohndenver

    the first sc 

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  • Townspersonwikia

    a gta movie

    April 29, 2015 by Townspersonwikia

    is there ever going to be a gta movie

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  • WinterMagnet

    GTA O Vehicles..

    April 27, 2015 by WinterMagnet

    Which vehicles do you own? I own a 9F, Issi, BeeJay XL, Baller, Feltzer, Stratum, Dubsta, Z-Type!, Zentorno, Vacca (R.I.P. ;(), and a Cognoscenti Cabrio.

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  • Ewerson Cabral

    Non Stop Pop FM

    April 24, 2015 by Ewerson Cabral
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  • Henry Melvin

    Black Attack was a hip-hop group from Germany consisting of Butch Mosby, PA Thierry, and J Harper. They released only one album called On The Edge in 1997, but had three popular hits in Europe: "Bang Bang", "Heartless", and "It's A Shame". I think their songs would perfectly fit for GTA soundtrack. Enjoy!

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Who is in charge of the GTA Wiki Facebook oage with over 3,000 likes?

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  • WildBrick142

    Basically, I decided to revamp most of the templates (some are locked so I can't change them) in a new disambiglink box style. They look a bit like a generic copy paste from each other, which is intended, like the infoboxes. IMO, the previous versions didn't look too good when used together. The backgrounds had too much contrast between each other and they were also in various different sizes which looked something like a developed country's population pyramid so it was kinda irking me when a few of these were used on a page in a way that leaves random gaps to the sides.

    I'm asking for your opinions on what could be done to improve these (or revert to originals). Note that all major design changes (depending which ones) would require changi…

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  • Ewerson Cabral

    Nightride FM

    April 21, 2015 by Ewerson Cabral

    NightRide FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, hosted by The DJ Kavinsky.
    Credit from the logo to grope_4_that_date from

    • Basshunter - Now You're Gone (2007)
    • Calvin Harris Feat. Example - We'll Be Coming Back (2012)
    • DIE ANTWOORD - UGLY BOY (2014)
    • Eminem Feat. Sia - Gust Over Fear (2014)
    • Enrique Iglesias Feat. Ludacris - Tonight (2011)
    • Kanye West - Stronger (2007)
    • Kavinsky - Nightcall (2011)
    • Kavinsky - Odd Look (2013)
    • Meg & Dia - Monster (DotEXE Dubstep Remix) (2011)
    • Paramore - All I Wanted (Knosys Remix) (2013)
    • Skrillex - Kyoto (2011)
    • Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarrassing (Krystal Klear Remix) (2012)
    • Tyga - Wait For A Minute (2013)
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  • AfunnyName

    The heist update highlighted Rockstar's dogged determination and belief in their own ability to such a degree that they are willing to ignore popular demand for a speedy delivery in order to provide a product worthy of holding the Rockstar title. And the result is one that did not dissapoint although as with any game with such a fan base it is largely a pyrrhic victory since the heists have gamers, myself included, obsessed not with the update but with what comes next.

    Continuing the trend in GTA IV, Rockstar will now likely return to the story of Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Those who have finished the game will however see that this could cause a problem? How will they bypass the issue of multiple choice? Force a player to repeat the end…

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  • Smurfynz

    256GB Corsair SSD 1TB Seagate SATAII 2x500GB Seagate  |optical = SATA Blu-ray ROM Lite-On 16x DVD+RW  |network = Netgear Wireless N On-Board Gigabit ethernet |display = 23" Philips 236V widescreen LED (1920x1080) 17" Philips 170B4 LCD (1280x1024) |speakers = Bose companion II Desktop speakers/Turtle Beach PX22 Headset |os = Win 7 Home Premium 64bit |comment = Runs GTA IV on maximum settings Runs GTA V PC on near-maximum settings at 25-30fps @ 1080p }}Well, after much struggling with Steam and disk space resulting in the complete loss of all my Steam apps and the repartitioning of a hard disk to support the space requirements, I finally got GTAV PC installed about 24 hours late. Not a GTA issue, so I'm not holding it against the game.

    My P…

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