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Blotto's is an accessories store that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is not found anywhere in the state, although advertisements for the store can be heard on the radio. The ads humorously refer to accessories used for drug use (i.e., a gold razor blade and a silver straw for cocaine use) The company's slogan is "We make daily habits fun" further referencing drug use.

Flour and Spoon Commercial

Woman: Agh! I can't get this flour out!

Man: What's wrong now?

Woman: I need something to get the flour out to make these little tiny miniature pancakes.

Man: How about this?

Woman: Wow, a tiny spoon! How cute! Where did you get that?

Man: At Blotto's, of course.

Announcer: Blotto's. We've got all kinds of accessories for the kitchen. Cooking something up on the road? Come check out our portable kits that bakers love. Blotto's! We make daily habits fun.

Razor and Mirror Commercial

Man: Agh! This is taking forever!

Woman: Oh honey, what's wrong?

Man: I can't seem to scrape the paint off this mirror!

Woman: Ah, here honey, I got you something.

Man: Wow! A golden razor blade! I can't wait to show the guys this! Where'd you get it?

Woman: Blotto's! Of course!

Announcer: Gold-plated razor blades. Pocket-sized mirrors. Nothing could be more convenient for the hard-working, clean-shaven man on the go. Blotto's has the life accessories you need. And if you have diabetes or just want to play with the medical equipment, stop by Blotto's this weekend for our "Shoot-Em-Up" sale! Blotto's - we make daily habits fun!

Silver Straw Commercial

Woman: I really enjoy drinking soda with a straw, but I want one in metal that won't corrode.

Man: Yo, check this out. Here's a silver one!

Woman: Wow! A silver straw! Where did you get that?

Man: At Blotto's, chula!

Announcer: Blotto's has all kinds of helpful accessories. Need to break up oregano in the kitchen? Check out our oregano grinders! Blotto's! We make daily habits fun!

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