"OK, I've had enough of this shit! We're gonna finish The Triads in Liberty once and for all! 8-Ball rigged a dust car with a bomb. It's on a timer, so if you mess up, there'll be no evidence."
Toni Cipriani

Blow Fish is the last mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Leone Family Caporegime, Toni Cipriani from his mother's restaurant in the Saint Mark's district of Portland Island, Liberty City.


Claude goes to Momma's Restaurante and finds Toni, who informs Claude that he has had enough with the Triads and wants to force them out of Liberty City. Toni says that 8-Ball has rigged a Trashmaster with some explosives, which is to be placed between gas canisters at the Turtle Head Fishing Factory in Callahan Point. Claude drives to Eightballs Autoyard to collect the Trashmaster, which he then drives carefully over to Callahan Point, so as not to detonate the explosives before he reaches the plant, although he has time limit of two and a half hours. The Triads open the gates to the plant, allowing Claude to park the Trashmaster between two gas canisters. Claude sets the explosives to detonate and retreats to a safe distance, with the plant being destroyed shortly after.


The reward for completing the mission is $30,000. It also unlocks Bomb Da Base: Act I mission for Salvatore Leone if Cutting The Grass mission has been completed.


  • The timer will still count down after the player arrives and will detonate after reaching the time limit (becomes invisible however), therefore, arming the bomb is not necessary. The on-screen messages still displays that arming the bomb is mandatory though. However arming the bomb speeds up mission progress since it ends after the final cutscene is finished.
  • The Bomb is similar to the timed detonation bomb that can be mounted in Staunton Island 8-ball's bomb shop, but large vehicles like this one cannot mount one via regular means due to the garage size, also, bombs from all bomb shops are not volatile and therefore can only activate when manually armed.
  • This is the only mission in the game where the Trashmaster is featured.
  • If the truck ditches, the mission will fail and the player can see an explosion, there are flames and fume, strangely, it deals no damage, the truck will also not self-destruct.
  • If the player manages to do so and drive out quickly after ditching the truck(preferably at Portland beach behind Salvatore's mansion), they can keep the truck(Confirmed on IOS port), it's fire-proof and maybe even explosion proof.
  • This is the last chronological mission appearance of Toni, also the last time a 3D universe protagonist appears in another 3D universe game.
  • During the events of GTALCS, the Leone family owned a warehouse at the same location, and was blown up by Triads with a similar fashion the mission "The Trouble with Triads". The opposite happens here.
  • After this mission, the Factory will not spawn anymore Triad guards and their fish vans. But it's still accessible since the gates will open to Their fish vans.


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