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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Population: 1.309
Country: United States of America
State: San Andreas

"At the very center of the state of San Andreas, Blueberry is a farming community and home to the FleischBerg brewery. To the west of local farm, Blueberry Acres lies a large hill, known locally as The Panopticon. The Panopticon affords views of both Bone and Flint Counties and Easter Basin Airport, serving San Fierro. We're sure some crimes takes place here, only currently, we don't know that."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Blueberry is a small town located in the northwestern portion of Red County, San Andreas.


Blueberry sits near Fern Ridge, Blueberry Acres (hence the name), The Panopticon, Hampton Barns and the town of Montgomery. The rural town is the home of the FleischBerg brewery, whose motto, "Making Life Mean Something Since 1869", stands out prominently underneath its logo. Towards the center of the town, there is a safehouse in an apartment complex which can be bought for $10,000.

Blueberry is much the same as any other town in Red County with residences and businesses much the same as those in neighbouring towns. The town is the industry hub of Red County as it has some of the largest factories in the state. It is connected to a major highway and serviced by several major roads making it a key stop for travellers making their way through the State of San Andreas. It remains a strong rural community as evidenced by the nearby Blueberry Acres which along with the FleischBerg brewery is likely a major employer.

Places of Interest


Blueberry Map

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  • Helena Wankstein, one of Carl's six possible girlfriends, can be first met on top of a roof just near Ammu-Nation, shooting some targets.
  • Although rare, a redneck with no shirt may be seen driving a Bobcat around town. If you attempt to steal the vehicle, he will have a pistol and attempt to shoot you. 
  • Nearby Fern Ridge hints at another naming source for the town. But the residents opted to name their town Blueberry in honour of the extensive Blueberry Acres farm.
  • Blueberry has the lowest elevation of all towns in San Andreas, if the water level is increased by only one metre using a mod, water will reach the town while other areas (apart from underground areas such as Area 69) will be unaffected.
  • Blueberry is based on Strawberry, Arizona.

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