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"Normally a hangout for state college students who don't know the state ran out of money, and cinema goers who don't know American cinema is kind of over - repurpose the streets and mini-malls of Morningwood for a deathmatch."
―-Match description

Bluffs is a Deathmatch featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is a standard deathmatch that can be played as a team deathmatch.

The forced weapon (if forced mode is selected by the host) is the Micro-SMG.

The battle takes place over two city blocks in Morningwood, one block with a retail complex with a cafe style courtyard and the other block with a 3 level apartment/motel complex with a pool in the courtyard. A number of vehicles are provided in the map.


Bluffs Deathmatch GTAO Map



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