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This article is about boats in general. For a list of all boats, please see Category:Boats.
Reefer GTA IV

The Reefer, the most common boat in the GTA series.

Boats are recurring watercraft first introduced introduce in the original Grand Theft Auto as non-controllable vehicles (without the aid of modifications), and wre made as available as controllable vehicles inGrand Theft Auto III, they have been controllable in all games since (with the exception of Grand Theft Auto Advance). Due to similar attributes, jet-skis such as the Seashark are classified under this article, although both the boats  and the jet-skits fall more accurately under the watercraft  category.



Boats use a watertigher hull that gives them the unique property that allows them to float on water. Boats are not capable of movement across land as they lack wheels, however, they can be found being towed in Grand Theft Auto V .

In GTA 1 and the 3D Universe, boats were controlled in the same way that cars would. In the HD Universe, boats are controlled identical to the way motorcycles are controlled, moving the left analog stick or the up/down arrow keys will allow the player to adjust the boats twim to improve performance in a similar manner to the way weight is shifted on an in-game motorcycle.


In Grand Theft Auto 1 and all games in the 3D Universe, boats showed no visual damage apart from the obvious smoking and fire. In Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V, boats can be deformed by collisions and explosions. Boat damage is handled in the same manner as the 3D Universe in GTA Chinatown Wars.


The weather has a noticeable effect on boats as in can create larger waves which can make controlling a boat more difficult, the player can also be at risk of capsizing (or keeling over).


Main article: Submersible

In Grand Theft Auto V, a submersible was added as a controllable vehicle, despite having completley different characterisics to a conventionel boat, the game still categorizes the submersible as a boat.


  • Apart from when blown up in GTA Vice City and sometimes in GTA IV, boats are unsinkable.
  • Boats are considered to be the least useful vehicles in the GTA series.
  • In certain games such as GTA III, only police boats can shoot. In games like GTA: VC, you can only shoot other boats with a gun you have. Although in GTA: VC you can't shoot in a police boat without a gun! when on at least a 2-star wanted level, cops on police boats use the boat to shoot you.
  • Although you can destroy boats in GTA, you aren't able to destruct any giant boats. However, this is an exception in GTA III during one of the missions.
  • Although boats sink when they get destroyed in games where they are actually sinkable such as in GTA: VC, unlike in real life other certain games or on TV, they don't make any bubbly noises when they sink.
  • Boats in the series tend to be faster based on how small they are.
  • Larger boats such as the Dignity are used as decorative props and are not controllable without modifications.
  • Boats can be found being towed on trailers in GTA V, pushing or pulling these trailers into the water will allow the boat to be stolen.

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