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Bogdan (Russian: Богдан) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Online, introduced in The Doomsday Heist update. He appeared to be the main antagonist of the heist, but it's revealed that he was actually "one of the good guys" that was trying to stop Avon Hertz and Cliffford's plan for global annihilation, revealing them as the true main antagonists of the heist, thus making him a false antagonist and a supporting character.


Bogdan is an IAA codename for a Russian agitator, hitman and warmonger.


Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist

Bogdan is identified by Cliffford as being the Russian terrorist behind the attack on the IAA secret Facility under the Satellite Relay Station in the Grand Senora Desert.

When the crew ambushes the submarine, Bogdan talks through the speakers revealing his identity and stating they are making a terrible mistake. Once the crew reaches the main console, Bogdan shows up in an attempt to stop the crew from their intentions, even while being held gunpoint. Even if Lester insist the crew to kill him, Bogdan manages to convince the crew he is here to solve "the real problem" and that Avon and Cliffford was setting it up "to play god".

Eventually, in the middle of the situation, Avon speaks through the communication systems, where he indeed reveals his true intentions, betraying all the team and insulting them for being confident of the outcome of his plan for total annihilation. After that, Cliffford initiates a self-destruct sequence on the submarine, forcing everyone to escape from it. Bogdan sends the crew to the scuba gear from an adjacent room and he escapes in an escape pod.

Later, at the opening cutscene of Act 3, Bogdan is seen again with the crew, where he informs that Avon will acquire military-grade equipment and they need to intercept these, so they will have chances to stop him. He stays in the room while Phoenicia Rackman explains the situation of where Agent 14 is kidnapped and the location where the crew can acquire a ballistic missile launcher. Once the meeting ends, Bogdan leaves while speaking about "Democracy as a problem, with people having too many ideas that would be bad in his days".

Bogdan then helps supply intel on Avon's weapons he planned on using, informing the players during the Barrage and Khanjali setup missions of their capabilites. During the attack on Mount Chiliad to disable several SAM sites with the use of the Volatol, he informs the team that it was the last part of Avon's weapons system the Russians knew about. After the deed is done, he parts ways with the others, saying his submarine and crew were destroyed and killed respectively, as well as that he was a traitor in Russia and a terrorist in America, wishing everyone good luck before leaving.

In the epilogue following The Doomsday Scenario, it is revealed by Lester that Bogdan has returned back to Russia.

Mission Appearances


  • Bogdan claims that his codename is also his real name, happily commenting on the "genius" of it.
  • He states his intention are destroying America and taking over Russia, but jokingly claims those are "dreams of pipes".
  • Bogdan refers to Avon and Clifford as "Avon Quartz" and Clifffy" respectively, as well as Mount Chiliad as "Mount Chill Pepper".