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"I guess you right, this shit changes everything. "
―Bogman to another Balla about killing Sweet.

Bogman is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. His name is never revealed in the game, but can be seen in the game's files. His voice actor is not credited.

Mission Appearances



  • He shares some resemblance to one of the three Ballas gangsters seen in The Introduction. Interestingly, he has ties to the Loco Syndicate, just like the Ballas.
  • There is an unused model in gta3.img called Poolguy. The texture looks identical to Bogman, except he has dark blue clothes and a different face. The cap, however remains identical. When trying to enable it, the game crashes.
  • "Bog" is a British slang for a toilet. His ID, Bogman, literally means Man in the Toilet. This is because his first appearance was him coming out of the toilet in Burger Shot.


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