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'''Boleyn Street''' is a [[List of Street Names|street]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] in [[Northwood]], [[Algonquin]]. It is located at the intersection of [[Frankfort Avenue|Frankfort]] and [[Exeter Ave|Exeter Avenue]] in Northwood. Under the [[Frankfort High LTA]] line.
#REDIRECT [[Boleyn Street]]
The short dead-end alley can be accessed from [[Frankfort Ave]]. [[Pay 'n' Spray]] is located to the right of the street; although is does not resemble a street. Merely it's a small offshoot (crosswalk markings/pedestrian scrambles are notable). [[Dumpsters]] and [[gasoline]] tanks are strewn through the "street", along with [[firefighter]]s in groups chatting. It's unmarked in road maps, only the name will appear when you are in/approaching it.
==Mission Appearances==
The street has two mission roles:
*In [[She's a Keeper]], where [[Niko Bellic]] along with [[Patrick McReary]], takes [[Gracie Ancelotti]] to the waypoint, located here.
*In [[Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend]], Packie waits here with Gracie to take her to the [[Charge Island]] sewer works for the exchange.
The [[Frankfort Avenue LTA]] station is nearby. Located on Frankfort and Vauxite Street.
==Points of Interest==
* A ladder and a [[Fire Escape]] are located here.
* The [[Liberty City Fire Department]] station is located between Exeter and Boleyn.
==See also==
*[[List of Street Names]]
* Boleyn is a surname of an English noble family in the [[wp:Tudor period|Tudor period]].
[[Category:Streets in Algonquin]]

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