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Boleyn Street is a street in Grand Theft Auto IV in Northwood, Algonquin. It is located at the intersection of Frankfort and Exeter Avenue in Northwood. Under the Frankfort High LTA line.


The short dead-end alley can be accessed from Frankfort Ave. Pay 'n' Spray is located to the right of the street; although is does not resemble a street. Merely it's a small offshoot (crosswalk markings/pedestrian scrambles are notable). Dumpsters and gasoline tanks are strewn through the "street", along with firefighters in groups chatting. It's unmarked in road maps, only the name will appear when you are in/approaching it.

Mission Appearances

The street has two mission roles:


The Frankfort Avenue LTA station is nearby. Located on Frankfort and Vauxite Street.

Points of Interest


  • Boleyn is a surname of an English noble family in the Tudor period.

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