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The Bonelli Mob is a Los Santos-based gang led by Enzo Bonelli.

It is unknown if their leader is the part of The Commission, but the mob itself might not be part of any Italian family, since some members are of African and Asian descent, though these could be associates as opposed to made men. Members of the mob have unique models and wear formal suits and headsets, which leads to believe that they are crew of professional bodyguards. The mob has major interests in extortion and labor racketeering, specializing in the real estate market and construction.

They don't hold any permanent territory in Los Santos and only appear in the mission "The Construction Assassination", where they are wiped out by protagonist Franklin Clinton.


  • They appear to be based on the real-life Los Angeles crime family, who are often speculated to be an offshoot of the larger Chicago Outfit as opposed to being a true stand-alone family.



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