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Booty Calls occur in The Ballad of Gay Tony after you impress a girl at Maisonette 9, and you've had your time in the
Booty Call
bathroom. She will give you her number and tell you to call her. You can call her, or she will sometimes call you, some times they also send text messages with pictures of them in lingerie when requesting a booty call. After the call has been made, the girls house will appear as a pair of buttocks on your mini-map. Go to this location and listen to the rest. Luis Lopez will gain full health and will save a game.

There are ten "booty calls" that Luis Lopez can have in The Ballad of Gay Tony:


In Grand Theft Auto V, this feature makes a return. As any character, the player can go to the Vanilla Unicorn and request a dance from one of the many strippers, during which the player can increase the like meter of each dancer by Flirting or Touching during the dance (increasing the like meter can also be achieved by handing money during pole dances). When the like meter is full, the player with have the option to ask the stripper home, however only a few strippers will actually go home with the player when their like meter is full.

Booty call list

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