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Luis: "Now Mamas is more Rocco's style than our place. Tell me he's gonna start hanging out with all that Bridge and Tunnel crowd rather than us."
Tony: "Don't we wish. No, sadly, he just wants you to talk to a lady in there."
Gay Tony tells Luis Lopez about the job Rocco Pelosi requested from them

Boulevard Baby is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony given to Luis Lopez by Tony Prince. Ray Bulgarin makes his first appearance of the game in this mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in Tony's car
  • Drive Tony to Bahama Mamas
  • Go to the dance floor
  • Go to Monique and dance with her
  • Take out the owner
  • Get out of the club
  • Leave the area

100% Objectives

Complete the mission in 3:10
Take less than 40% damage
Dance perfectly with Monique.
During the shootout in the club, don't harm any civilians, or Monique.


Luis meets Ray Bulgarin before getting into Tony's car and driving to Bahama Mamas. During the drive, Tony explains that Rocco Pelosi wants Luis to seduce Monique, the girlfriend of Bahama Mamas owner Vic Manzano. The duo arrive at the club before Tony drives off. Luis enters the club and finds Monique on the dancefloor. After dancing together, Monique takes Luis to the back office and gives him a blowjob, whilst telling Maurice, a bouncer, not to disturb them. However, Vic arrives and walks into the office to find Monique under the table with Luis sitting in his chair. Vic, having lost his temper, attacks Monique and pulls a gun on Luis.

When Vic points the gun at Luis, shoot him and pick up his Pistol .44.

Walk out of the office. The club's bouncers will start shooting at Luis, so shoot back. At this point, the clubbers begin to evacuate the club, so be careful not to shoot any. Head for the front door upstairs. Use cover and remember to reload frequently. After killing the bouncers, Luis leaves the club.


Liberty Tree Newspaper

"As if Algonquin residents didn't have enough reasons to resent the hordes of outer borough residents who stream into the center of the city every night, they're now putting them at the risk of being shot. Notorious bridge and tunnel mecca, dance club Bahama Mama's, was recently the site of a violent shootout that left several dead including club owner Vic Manzano."

"Manzano was being investigated by the FIB for his links with organised crime in Liberty City and Las Venturas. He was also thought to be in a spat with members of the Ancellotti Crime Syndicate. Authorities are investigating these leads as possible motivations for the mass shooting. Meanwhile a group of Algonquin residents is lobbying the Civic Citadel to reclose the bridges to keep the bridge and tunnel menace out."


Video Walkthrough

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission 9 - Boulevard Baby 100% (1080p)09:24

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission 9 - Boulevard Baby 100% (1080p)



  • Various characters appear in this mission. Roman Bellic is seen entering the Maisonette 9, Rocco and Vince are seen by the entrance stairs drinking and talking with two women, the Unnamed Asian Woman is seen in the bar and then has sex with Luis.
  • If the player waits for "Pjanoo" by Eric Prydz to come on, everyone on the dance floor will cheer. This is likely due to the song being featured in most advertisements for TBoGT.
  • When walking up the stairs after the shootout, a rare glitch can happen, which involves Luis falling through Blue Hell, then respawning outside the area that the player should normally leave, thus completing the mission faster.
  • In a pre-release screenshot (see the gallery), Luis and Tony arrive to the club in a Super Drop Diamond. Also there is a second screenshot which shows a black Super Diamond.


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