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Bradley "Brad" Snider is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing in Grand Theft Auto V. Despite his rather short screen-time, Brad has a key role in the late part of the story.


He was a friend of Michael Townley and Trevor Philips. Some time in 2004, he participated in a heist along with Michael, Trevor and an unknown accomplice. The heist was a failure, as the accomplice was killed mid-getaway, while both Michael and Brad got shot. Only Trevor managed to escape. Michael was presumed to be dead, while Brad was supposedly placed in prison. 9 years later, after Michael and Trevor have united and gone on several heists together, Trevor planned to break Brad out of prison.

It turns out in fact that Brad had been killed during the getaway during the North Yankton heist and was buried in the place of Michael, his body uncovered during Bury the Hatchet by Trevor, who went to the cemetery in North Yankton to confirm his suspicions.

Later, in a conversation with Franklin Clinton, Trevor admits that he thought Brad was a "dick", and that he would have probably killed him at some point anyway but states that he "wouldn't have done it in such an underhanded fashion and the authorities wouldn't have been involved". Also, in a conversation after The Third Way, both Michael and Trevor agree that Brad was a "dick" afterall.

If you finished the mission The Third Way or The Time's Come, Dave will text to Trevor that he was the one who sent e-mails to Trevor, pretending to be Brad. Brad's death's affected Trevor, leaving him to question Michael at certain points throughout the game.

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  • After the story is complete, Michael and Trevor will admit that they both thought Brad was "Kind of a dick."
  • It might be implied that Brad was homosexual, in The Paleto Score , Trevor mentions Brad would have enjoyed to go on the Paleto heist and says "He has to enjoy himself molesting white-collar criminals in a federal penitentiary." and in Bury the Hatchet , Trevor visits Michael at his mansion, still unaware of Brad being dead and placed into Michael's grave, Trevor insists that they will bust out Brad and "get themselves a gay friend."


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