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"Dumb move, Josh."
Trevor Phillips, upon killing Josh.
Breach of Contract is the final Strangers and Freaks mission for protagonist Trevor Philips involving Josh Bernstein in Grand Theft Auto V.


Trevor arrives at Josh's house on West Eclipse Boulevard to find an Interceptor parked out front and Josh describing to two Los Santos Police officers the man who burned down Josh's home. When Trevor approaches, Josh points out Trevor to the cops and claims that Trevor is the one responsible for all the damage. Trevor says that Josh was the one who asked him to do that, but Josh is still accusing him as "a stalker and an Epsilonist". Then, the police officers pull their pistols and attempt to hold Trevor at gunpoint, which Trevor flees. The player can choose whether to kill Josh as part of the escape, but either way, the mission ends once Trevor has eluded the police.

Mission objectives

  • Lose the Cops.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Dirty Rat - Kill Josh.
  • Hot Pursuit - Escape in the Police Interceptor.

Possible Deaths


  • Try to not kill the two cops that are with Josh. This way will be easier to lose them. Before starting this mission, it's best to put the free aim on instead of the auto-aim, as this won't target on the officers if you want to kill Josh. Activate your special ability for the imminent attack from the cops.


The mission "Breach of Contract" starts at 20:58

GTA 5 - Josh 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough25:01

GTA 5 - Josh 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough


  • Since one of the gold medal objectives requires the player to kill Josh, the canon choice is to do so.


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