Liberty City Free Radio (LCFR) is a talk radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Electron Zone Radio


Electron Zone Radio logo.

Electron Zone Radio is a talk show discussing technology related topics. Hosted by Bill (Michael Yurchak) and Steve (Ptolemy Slocum). Bill represents the "Fruit OS" users, an obvious parody of Apple's Mac OS. Steve represents "TOS" users which stands for Technical Operating System and is a parody of Microsoft's DOS. The talk show hosts are also apparently caricatures of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The show's callers are largely a pack of internet nerds or internet haters - a sly reference to The Matrix is also made when a woman calls in asking about a virtual reality movie called The Mainframe.

In one segment, Richard Burns from WCTR in GTA San Andreas calls in, mentioning that he was fired shortly after the 1992 Los Santos Riots. In another segment, a man named Ken calls from Carcer City and says that the FBI tries to arrest him whenever he downloads child pornography pictures from the internet.

The Electron Zone was cancelled some time before 2001.


The radio program made famous in GTA III returns with Lazlow as host. By 2001, the show will be given its own full-time frequency. An announcer on the radio station says that he was kicked out of both Vice City and San Andreas, since he was a disc jockey at both places. Lazlow's callers are diverse but generally offensive, including an internet freak who wants to knock down the Liberty City Cathedral, a foul-mouthed cannibal, a man obsessed with shaving and an innocent-sounding 7-year-old boy who knows an awful lot of swear words for someone so young. Toni Cipriani's mother also phones in, but gets angry with Lazlow after he calls her "grandma", calling him "Lazarus" and threatening him with a Mafia assassination. At one point, Lazlow makes reference to himself and "his buddy Donald" having big plans for "C-box 24/7". These plans appear to have come to fruition, as by 2001, this is the sole surviving programme from the station, which has been renamed Chatterbox FM.

Heartland Values with Nurse Bob

This program is a talk show parodying The Dr. Phil Show. It has a live in-studio audience and is hosted by a southern hillbilly named Nurse Bob (Chuck Montgomery). Nurse Bob also appears to be a devout Christian — as many stereotypical hillbillies are — and threatens many of his callers that if they don't shape up, they will be "burning for eternity" in the fiery pits of Hell. He also hints at having been molested by his father when he was young.

Heartland Values was cancelled some time before 2001.

Breathing World

A spiritual enlightenment talk show hosted by a new wave hippie by the name of Melissa Chowder (Ashley Albert). Throughout the show, Melissa interviews Crow (Gregg Martin). Crow is on the show to promote Crowfest '98, a concert tour. The name Crowfest '98 may have been taken from Ozzfest '98, a series of concerts for Ozzy Osbourne. Crow talks on the show and says that after quitting the band, he has since seen spiritual enlightenment through the fact that he has joined a religious cult. Crow was previously referenced in GTA San Andreas. Crow is an immense egomaniac who offends Melissa greatly with his constant talk of Amazonian drugs, fleecing native tribes in Peru and "having five hours worth of Tantric Sex", a possible reference to the rock star Sting. (Crow had previously been mentioned in a WCTR News report in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.)

Breathing World was cancelled some time before 2001.

Coq O Vin

French chef Richard Goblin (Mike Shapiro), referenced in GTA San Andreas during Entertaining America, hosts this show where he mutilates live animals and insults American values when it comes to cooking by saying "I would rather eat the contents of my toilet bowl after a fatman with haemorrhoids, who ate curry, then eat the shit most Americans serve". He also takes calls from listeners and alienates them by slaughtering animals in their general direction and viciously insulting them. Over the course of the show, Richard forces a cow to give birth directly into his pan and then butchers her, stuffs a live goose and chops up the eyeballs and perineum of a large mammal and makes them into a calzone. At the end of the show, the LCFR announcer makes a sarcastic comment about the show being "popular" among animal rights activists, which may show that the program is a sly reference to the controversy surrounding the airing of the cooking show "Out of the Frying Pan" in 1977, when animal rights campaigners protested against the butchering of a pig live on air.

Coq O Vin was cancelled some time before 2001.

News Reports

LCFR (along with every other radio station in game) features occasional news reports that change during the course of the game as missions are completed. The reports are narrated by an unidentified female newscaster who sounds like WCTR News' Lianne Forget.



GTA LCS - Liberty City Free Radio

GTA LCS - Liberty City Free Radio


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