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Brett Lowrey is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Lowrey is the CEO of Bilkington Research, a pharmaceutical company that has a historically intense commercial rivalry with Betta Pharmaceuticals. In 2013, Bilkington developed an anti-erectile disfunction medication called Priapol, which was cheaper and more effective than Beta Pharmaceutical's similar product, Mollis. However, Priapol also had a tendency to give patients heart attacks after continued usage, which would keep the pill from legally being available for commercial distribution. However, Lowrey promised FDA officials a large, unspecified sum of money if the pill was given sales clearence.

Lester Crest, a large shareholder of Betta stock, discovered the arrangement of this bribery and hired Franklin Clinton to assassinate Lowrey in order to avoid the completition of the deal, so as to keep Priapol off the market. As instructed by Lester, when Lowrey left the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Rockford Hills, he was fatally shot by Franklin, most likely with a sniper rifle. His death resulted in Priapol failing to recieve FDA clearence, which in turn caused a great drop in the stock of Bilkington Research and a massive rise in the stock for Betta Pharmaceuticals.

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