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* ''For the character in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]], see [[Brian Meech]]. For the character in [[The Lost and Damned]], see [[Brian Jeremy]].''
{{Infobox character
{{Infobox character
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*The name "Brian Johnson", could be a reference to the vocalist of AC/DC, Brian Johnson. Then again, this could all just be a coincidence.
*The name "Brian Johnson", could be a reference to [ the vocalist of the same name] from the Australian hard rock band [ AC/DC]. However, this may simply be a coincidence.
[[Category:Characters|Johnson, Brian]]
[[Category:Characters|Johnson, Brian]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA San Andreas|Johnson, Brian]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA San Andreas|Johnson, Brian]]

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Brian Johnson is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Early life

Brian is the youngest known child of Beverly Johnson and the sibling of Carl, Sweet and Kendl. He apparently bore a strong resemblance to Carl, as Emmet initially mistook Carl for Brian when they first met.

Brian was associated with the Grove Street Families due to being the younger brother of the gang's leader, Sweet. He had wanted to be in the gang, but had either no time or a short time in the gang. Brian lived in the Johnson House, Ganton, Los Santos until his death in 1987.


Brian was killed in 1987. Plots about that event are unknown, but it possibly that a rival gang played a part in Brian's death. Carl himself was present during Brian's death.

After Brian's death, Sweet blamed Carl for his death, which led to Carl leaving Los Santos for Liberty City for the next five years. Carl did not attend Brian's funeral, confirmed when Sweet says: "That's another funeral you ran away from, fool. Just like Brian's".

Events of GTA San Andreas

Brian's death plays a big role in Carl and Sweet's relationship.

In 1992, Carl returns to Los Santos after his mother, Beverly, was killed by the Ballas. He missed the funeral, making Sweet angry at Carl for missing another one.

Whilst Carl and Sweet are outside Big Smoke's Crack Palace, just before they attack it, Carl says he has to go in alone and that he let Brian die, mentioning that he is doing this for Brian.


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