Not to be confused with Bridge Street.

Bridger Street is a street located in Leftwood, Alderney.


Location Type Road Direction
Leftwood Road begin

Manzano Road e/b toward Sacramento Avenue
w/b toward Lockowski Avenue & Panhandle Road
Road crossing

Flathead Road n/b toward Manzano Road
Road crossing

Tenmile Street n/b toward Owl Creek Avenue
Road crossing

Sacramento Avenue n/b toward Bridger Street
s/b toward Franklin Street
Road crossing

Sacramento Avenue n/b toward Franklin Street
Road end

Franklin Street e/b toward Applewhite Street
w/b toward Manzano Road

Notable Landmarks

Notable Businesses



  • Bridger Street is possibly named for Jim Bridger, a famous American frontiersman of the Old West. This would fit the naming patterns of several streets in Alderney, including Beaverhead Avenue and Lemhi Street, all given Western themes.