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"It's not clever and it's not pretty but, most of the time, neither is the guy coming at you with a knife. When all else fails, this gets the job done."
GTA V description on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

The Broken Bottle is a melee weapon featured in the free Beach Bum Content Update for GTA V and GTA Online.


The broken bottle is quite effective at delivering the appropriate message in up close and personal encounters. In GTA Online, the weapon can be bought at Ammu-Nation for free whilst it will be automatically added to the player's inventory in single player.


In-Game Model

HUD Icons



  • Unlike the knife and the Antique Cavalry Dagger, this weapon cannot be used in water. 
  • When viewed in First-person Mode in the Enhanced Version, the bottle is revealed to have Stronzo stickers on it.
  • The idea of the bottle was derived from some movies, where a character grabs a bottle, breaks it and use it as a knife.


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